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My parents prefer an MBA over ad school

I just finished my first quarter in the Art Direction program at Miami Ad School in Minneapolis. I have a BA in Marketing and before I began the program, I was working as an account rep in the Marketing Department for a company in the Twin Cities. I was miserable. I really love advertising and felt it was time for me to pursue a career doing what I enjoy most. My problem is, my parents are convinced that I have made a huge mistake by going to portfolio school instead of getting an MBA. I really want to be an Art Director and all of my contacts in the industry seem to think I am taking the right path. How can I convince my parents that this is the right education for my profession and I’m not throwing money away by going to portfolio school? I’m paying for my own education but the extra stress from them nagging me about it is putting a strain on our relationship and is enough to drive me crazy! What is your opinion about what type of education someone in my position needs to have?

intro My parents prefer an MBA over ad schoolIf you want to be an art director, an MBA is obviously (to us) not helpful. What you need to have at the end of your education is a great portfolio that will convince a creative director that you are a great creative. You can tell your parents that we confirm that you’re on the appropriate path and an MBA would be useless in the pursuit of your goals. You are at a good school. The bad news is they don’t know who we are and won’t care what we have to say. The great news is you’re not relying on them to pay for your education so you have the free will to go ahead and do the right thing. Succeeding in advertising takes a strong back bone, resilience and good coping skills. You can test yourself for those qualities right now. Stand up to your parent’s nagging with a firm reality check that they don’t have a clear understanding of how art directors are educated, and they will have to trust that you have indeed done your homework on the right way to get to the goal. Then advise them that the topic is now off limits. You can do it.

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