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Should a real but dull campaign be in my book?

I’ve been working for 2 years as a copywriter, and I’m getting my book together to hunt for a new job for the first time. For the past 14 months, I spent most of my workdays executing a large global campaign for a high-profile client. Unfortunately, thanks to all the global client red tape, the campaign turned out to be something I’m not particularly proud of. It’s better than what they’ve done in the past, but not something I feel represents what I can do creatively.
My question is: should I put this campaign in my book? On the one hand I’m proud of the fact that I handled a huge global campaign (with TV) as a rookie– but I know it’s not my best work.

intro Should a real but dull campaign be in my book?Many things in life and advertising are shades of gray, but here’s something that’s back and white: only put your very best work in your book, period. You’ll get more points for telling the CD you worked on the big campaign, but don’t want to show it as it isn’t work you’re proud of, than showing it. Explain why. Then impress them with the work you are proud of. Most CD’s will judge you by your weakest work. If the standard isn’t consistent they will wonder if, on an average day, you only come up with average work. Always put your best foot forward with a well-edited book. It can make you look twice as good and worth much more than the version with “all the bases covered”. Be sure to get an objective opinion from someone you respect before you head out. It’s usually hard to see clearly what your very best is, when you’re close to it. In your case you already know one campaign that doesn’t belong. Vet the rest, too.

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