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Should I add a Masters to my work experience?

I’ve been working as an art director for about 6 years in Asia. I’ve been thinking a lot about post-graduate programs and deep inside me wants a taste of it. My husband will relocate in North America where they offer a wonderful masters degree in advertising. I thought this may be the perfect opportunity for me to further enhance my knowledge and experience. But I’m getting a lot of discouragement from my peers to go back to school. They say, since I have a good track record, I should go jump straight into work because that is where I will truly get my knowledge and experience anyway.
Do you think it’s still sensible to apply for a masters degree? Should I just save my time and our money on something else?

intro Should I add a Masters to my work experience?It’s really hard to answer that question without seeing your portfolio. If it’s terrific, we would question the need for more education for someone already at it for 6 years. But if it’s only “ok”, and considering the big change coming culturally as well, if you have the time and opportunity to go to a place like VCU Brandcenter for their master’s program, it could be a great experience. Check out their website and see how you feel about their student work. If your portfolio feels far behind, that may give you some encouragement to investigate the investment. By the way the masters degree in and of itself isn’t the reason to go for it. All that matters is your portfolio—a CD will hire the person with a great book and no degree over someone with an advanced degree that doesn’t manage to have the outstanding work. Be sure the schools you investigate have outstanding student work, a great teaching staff and successful alumni to point to.

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