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I have this great idea for an ad…

I have two ideas for Geico commercials. I work part-time as a headhunter so I actually tried getting in contact with Geico’s marketing department only to discover that they outsource their marketing. I know the Martin Agency created some of their ads. Should I contact their New Business person? I’ve had these ideas for over a year and I would really like an opportunity to pitch them. I was considering shooting them as fake commericals and posting them on youtube since I am an aspiring actresss and writer, but then I will basically be doing free advertising. Please give me some advice.

intro I have this great idea for an ad...The Martin Agency is indeed Geico’s ad agency. You could approach them with your ideas but the closest thing to a good outcome we think you’d have is a chance for a job or freelance. They’re not going to hand ideas from anyone outside their walls to their clients. Equally, approaching Geico is likely futile as they have a contractual agreement with Martin that their work comes exclusively from them. It’s not unusual for people to have ideas for brands that have ad agencies. It will be the big exception if you find a welcome mat for yours. Some brands like Doritos have actually invited consumers to enter competitions to create an ad. That’s a different story. Then you could be in competition with others like you for a shot at air time. Sorry to be the wet blanket.

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