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Interviewing skills aren’t as sharp as ones book

As a young copywriter, soon to be out of ad school and about to hit the market, I want to know how much stock creative directors put in the actual interview.
What I mean is, if the applicant has a great portfolio but just isn’t the type that interviews well; i.e., stammers a bit, doesn’t maintain good eye contact, visibly nervous, etc. Will a good CD be able to see past that and judge the applicant by their portfolio and the answers to the questions (however clumsily worded during the interview)?

intro Interviewing skills arent as sharp as ones bookThe strength of the portfolio generally carries the day, but the CD is also looking at your personality—fit matters. Having said that, it’s normal for someone right out of school to be nervous—even visibly so, in an interview. No demerits for that. We’ve hired some really great people who stammered through not only the interview but their whole adjustment period. The CD can generally see past the immediate reason for lack of poise. So don’t worry so much. Do try to get calm and centered before you walk into the room; remember the person you’re about to meet is probably a nice person who hopes they’re going to meet a talented writer—the welcome mat is out. And they’re just human. The more people you meet the easier it will get, too. Be yourself. You’ll be fine.

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