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Keeping scam ads out of award shows

It’s great to see that you will be heading up the ADC awards Nancy. I have one humble request on behalf of some of the more ethically- inclined creative people out there: Please, can you do your best to ensure that scam ads, badly photoshopped ghost ads, and questionably run work isn’t rewarded? I ask this, because so many shows, headed by judges with much less ethical guts, have been guilty of this in the past.
There is quite a bit of scam work and known scam-producers out there. Many of us know which they are, and when we see them rewarded, we lose more respect for the show as well as for the judges. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, sometimes it takes a call to a media company to see exactly where it’s run, when, and in what real capacity.
As a CD, I have juniors in my department on who I try to extol the values of producing real work and not ‘playing the ad game’ as they see that it sometimes is. The ‘ad game’, if it is based on forged ads, is very much the same as cheating in any profession. But when they see this cheating is rewarded, they ask ‘what other choice but to play?’
Please, give them another choice. The choice to put in the hard work, make great work for real clients that deserve it, and it advance based on their ethical merit. You are a great role model who is highly looked up to by a lot of the younger talent in our industry, and your lead on this would be very appreciated.
I thank you for your leading example.

intro Keeping scam ads out of award showsNo worries on the full intent to keep scam ads out of the show. In my experience shows truly do not want to see cheating—why would they? It can lead to embarrassment for the show, the jury…loss of credibility. No good can come of it. I agree with all of your sentiments and the jury will be encouraged to raise hands if they suspect a scam. Facts will be checked. Beyond the issue of cheating, most juries also give more credit to great work done for big/tough clients. The dog walker ad has a lower degree of difficulty and won’t impress compared to really heavy lifting.

I hope you’ll be able to look at the result of this one and feel the right work was recognized. At the end of the day though there’s no such thing as a perfect jury process and it will always be subjective. A good jury will manage to identify the cream and bar most of the garbage. But remember on any given day the same jury would vote differently. Something as simple as what mood you’re in can influence whether you hit a 5 or a 6. You can only take this stuff so seriously.

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