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My creative department has no creativity

I work in a small ad agency where I am the only person with an advertising background. I was lured in by some great creative which I later learned was years old.
The rest of the creative team comes from English, communications, PR, history and biology backgrounds. I understand that this can benefit an agency, but in this case, our creative work is suffering horribly. Ideas the CD presents to clients wouldn’t have made it first round in ad school. These people have no idea how to brainstorm, critique ideas or weed out the crap to get to the good stuff. Sadly, a few regional awards a year are enough to make them think they’re doing a good job.
The higher-ups are in the process of hiring a senior art director, but they are not asking the candidates to have any advertising experience. When I suggested we add that criteria to the job listing, even as a plus, I was told it didn’t matter and that “it’s all the same.”
Is there any hope, or is it time for me to move on?

intro My creative department has no creativity This is a baffling one. A senior art director with no advertising experience? Then what makes them a senior art director? We appreciate and applaud that many agencies are tapping into brains outside their world to enrich the exercise of brainstorming/problem solving. But it sounds like no one is then left to craft ideas that emerge from the group…and there’s a no-win situation if any good ideas limp into the world without talented writers and art directors to make that happen.

Yep. Time to leave the Twilight Zone.

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