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Choosing between Toronto internships

I’m a recent art direction graduate who was fortunate enough to get offered two different internships: Lowe Roche and Bos (Toronto). I’m finding the decision-making process quite difficult, as they both seem to offer great opportunities, and to my innocnent mind it all sounds great. Is there anything you could inform me of about these agencies and the differences between them that can help me in making this choice?

intro Choosing between Toronto internshipsWe won’t go into specifics about agencies in Toronto. There are a few rules that apply to any choice: who is the partner you’re going to work with? (the right partner is key to happiness and you should be sure to have a lunch or drinks to see their work and see if you think you could click as a team); what’s the creative director like? (you want to know you’ll have direct contact with the CD and if you admire that person and feel like you’ll get some real attention that’s a good sign); what accounts might you work on? (do ask—you want to try to feel out the landscape on opportunities on the better accounts), and how do you feel about the agency reputation? Do you admire their work, hear good things about their environments? Are you joining a shop on the rise or in decline? There can be interesting opportunities at a shop that’s reacting to challenges in a positive way, trying bold new strategies, but generally you’d want to be with the “on the rise” shop.

Good luck. Both shops you’re looking at have lots of good stuff going on.

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