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What the hell is a “book”?

I read your book. Pick Me was scarier than any Stephen King novel I’ve read. It stifled rather than inspired me. (Now hold on, it was an awesome book, just keep reading). See, I am a junior at to a small liberal arts college, knowing that I want to get into advertising, but figuring I will start at the bottom and work my way up in the business after I graduate. You’re book told me otherwise.
After reading the first chapter I kept wondering why you guys wanted me to bring a good book to my interviews. Do CDs like horror, or more romance novels?
As you can assume, after reading the rest of the book, I’ve realized there is more to getting into advertising than just being talented. It’s scared me, cause it is not in my foreseeable future to go back into school after I graduate.
I also realize that you don’t know my whole story so I’ll take your advise with a grain of salt, (maybe I’ve got some N. French blood in me). But, and here’s where I ask a question? Simply, what goes in it. Does a creative ad for any made up product go in a book? A made up pamphlet? Just as long as they are good, if not amazing?
I found my question.
What the hell is a book?

intro What the hell is a book?If you’ve read our book, you should have some sense of what your book should be. Or, at least, for you, we haven’t done our job. A ‘book’ is ad vernacular for a portfolio, your most critical tool for employment. An advertising portfolio shows the scary prospective employer/creative director what you’re made of. It’s a crystal ball to a cd: it shows how well you understand the business, the way you think, if you’re brave, if you have potential. Phew. What a lot to expect from a few slim pages.

A book is filled with what we call speculative or spec work. These are fake ads, generally for real products (toothpaste, shoes, whatever) or services (credit cards, air travel…). Recently, we saw a portfolio where the student didn’t solve the problem through advertising. Instead, he created a game that people at the gas station could play and win while they waited for their tanks to fill. It was creative, fun and made tons of sense given the task he’d set for himself which was to develop loyalty for the service station. It’s the way of the world now that solutions can be found in many places. If you want to work in the business, you need a book. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

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