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Old shop didn’t prepare me for new workload

Distress call from a poor copywriter in new job.My previous workplace was a sleepy-sloppy affair. Here I have to do much better , much faster. I am helplessly thrashing around in a sea of work. Magic cure please.

intro Old shop didnt prepare me for new workloadWhat a shock to your system. Have you gotten yourself into a sweatshop or are you just not used to handling a big load? Presumably, you went to a better place because you want to do better work. What can we say? It’s hard. It takes a stupid amount of time. Until you get into a rhythm and start to understand how to cope in your new environment, you’re going to keep having that drowning feeling. Try to trust that you were hired because your boss thinks you can do the job. It won’t alleviate your panic much, but it should give you a shred of confidence. As for magic cures, there aren’t any. When we’re in your situation –too much to do, don’t know where to start – make a list. Then close your eyes, pick something and start. And, if you’re truly overwhelmed, put up your hand and ask for help. Sometimes it’s the right answer.

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About Jancy

'Jancy' is Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, Co-Founders of Swim, a unique “creative leadership training lab for advertising creatives and marketers.” Prior to Swim, Jancy was globally renowned as the Co-Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, a position they held for thirteen of the twenty years they were a creative duo at the agency. Over the years they've racked up Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show pencils and CA credits, and have lead their shop to two Cannes Lions Grand Prix and a Grand Clio. They've judged CA, Cannes, D&AD, the One Show, the Clios and other prestigious award shows. Creativity named them two of the top 50 creative people of 2008. Known for their outspoken, no-bullshit style and a passion for mentoring juniors, they're ready to give you advice if you're ready to take it.

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