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New boutique vs. established boutique vs. multinational

I have just been faced with a crucial choice. It’s a situation that most junior creatives would love to be faced with. I have received three prospective offers from three very different ad agencies. I am a junior writer who has recently graduated and completed a summer internship. This position would be my first paid job as a junior writer.
The first agency has been around for less than a year, it’s been labled as an ‘up and coming’ boutique type agency. Also, I’d be only the second writer they’ve hired.
The second agency has a boutique type reputation, and has been around for 10 years, but have no ‘big’ clients. Also, they have just appointed a new creative director.
The third agency is a branch of a large multi-national agency.
As of now I’m leaning towards option #1 just because of it’s ‘up and coming’ status, and I believe that being part of a young agency’s development would be a great experience. However, the 2nd and 3rd options are agencies that have done successful and award winning work. Would I be making a mistake by choosing the ‘up and coming’ shop over the other proven agencies as a first job as a junior writer?
I’ve already ruled out money as a deciding factor.

intro New boutique vs. established boutique vs. multinationalGlad you’ve ruled out money as the driver. It’s really hard to advise you based on so little information. Describing the third option as simply a multi-national means very little; there are great ones and terrible ones. So on that front, who knows. The up-and-comer label is always interesting. The challenges can be huge but so can the opportunities. Key to us would be evaluating the creative director. Find out their reputation and try to talk to people who have worked for him or her. If you’re going to take a leap of faith, be sure you’re leaping with someone worth falling with. The second option— the boutique with a new CD, can be a real crap shoot, too. A new CD will have a big impact on any agency, for better or worse. Again, do your homework on his or her reputation. If they’re considered outstanding with tons of great work from their previous post, consider the job seriously.

Relevant to all: what accounts will you work on? What is the relationship to the CD? (would you work with them closely or rarely?) Who will your role models be? (Are there good senior people to learn from?) Is the agency good at mentoring juniors or are they left to figure it out on their own? And maybe most important, do you like the agency portfolio? If the big agency’s work is better than the others, take them very seriously. Ask to see any agency’s recent work if it isn’t already well known to you. The place that was hot two years ago may be cold now (funny how that works). Everyone goes through good and bad patches; try to be sure you aren’t stepping into a place that’s in a nose-dive. They may well be worth considering in better times but probably not for a first job.

Good luck with your happy dilemma.

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