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Ad school is too expensive. Is it necessary?

I am an aspiring copywriter with 3 months left of school. My first full portfolio is just about finished and I have interviews with creative contacts on the way very shortly. Other contacts have looked at my stuff and said I have a great start.
I have had an internship at a .com doing various marketing duties, a lot of it involving writing copy. I have had the internship for over a year and a half and can stay here as long as I want.
My only problem is in my training. I am in a Communications (with ad/ pr emphasis) program at a local university. I haven’t had an ad agency internship. And, given the fact that I largely financially support myself (say hi to 5 figure debt out of undergrad!), I’m not sure if ad school is financially the best thing for me to do.
What should I expect? Even if my book is fantastic, will agencies brush me off because I haven’t worked at one as an intern or haven’t been to an ad school?

intro Ad school is too expensive. Is it necessary?We’re a little hazy on your current education picture from what you’ve written, but we’ll say broadly that all that really matters to a CD at an ad agency is how good your portfolio is. The school doesn’t matter, the degree doesn’t matter, if the book is great. An internship is not at all a requirement, although if you’ve had a successful experience it looks good on your resume. So, how great is your book? You will soon find out. If you pound the pavement for months on end with no job offers, you may be facing that feared possibility that you need some kind of help. Ad school might be the answer. Ask for brutally honest feedback from the creative people you get interviews with. You’ll know sooner rather than later what you’re up against. Good luck.

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