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I want to soar, my partner wants to coast

My partner is significantly older than I am and is at a completely different stage than I am. He’s “been there and done that” and is now happy coasting through life, doing the bare minimum and leaving at 5 to hang out with his family. I, however, am relatively young and am itchin’ to go above and beyond the call of duty on anything and everything. When I informed my partner of this, he simply shrugs me off and tells me that he knows what works and that he doesn’t have the time, patience or need to push it to the limit.
How do I tactfully inform my creative director of this without (a) being perceived as not being a team player or (b) creating a hostile situation between myself and my partner?

intro I want to soar, my partner wants to coastYou need out of this partnership, asap. Your partner is going down, if you’re at an agency of any consequence, and if you’re not careful he’ll take you down with him. You can’t drag that kind of dead weight all the way to great work.

Your CD is deaf, dumb and blind if he doesn’t see full well this guy is not pulling his creative weight. More likely he wishes he’d leave, avoiding a costly severance package. No doubt, with his approach to the job, he hasn’t done anything great in a very long time.

You have every right to talk with your boss about the partnership not working for you, and you need to get to it. Be honest. That doesn’t have to mean being cruel or backstabbing. You have a legitimate fear for your career health. If your CD isn’t willing to do anything about the situation, hit the bricks.

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