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Looking to do more at my internship

Last week I got an internship at a “reputable and creative San Francisco Ad agency”. So far I have not been doing too much exiting stuff (comping, image searching.) I was wondering how you think is the best way to go about getting my hands on some “real” work?

intro Looking to do more at my internshipFirst of all, be grateful for the unexciting stuff you’re doing. It’s very hard to get an internship, almost as hard as getting a paid job, and it’s going to teach you a boatload and help you get a real job. And look at you at a “reputable and creative San Fransisco ad agency”. Lucky lucky you.

To answer the actual question: there are several ways to increase your chances of producing “real work”. Be proactive. Don’t sit back and do only what’s asked of you. To be a great intern (and for that matter, any good junior should do this), keep offering to help pitch in on projects the seniors are working on. Some of them will welcome the offer with an eye to helping you learn, some will be grateful because they really could use more ideas to fuel the project, others will think why not, the little punk doesn’t threaten me, and a few will say no thanks. Pretty good odds of horning right in. You can approach the seniors directly, or go to the creative director to see if he/she can direct you to any juicy project you can apply some brain cells to. They owe you that, in our book. You’re doing all the little crap (that remember, you’re grateful for) for free or next to free; they should help you build your book, too.

Ultimately, you can simply pick any account in the shop, come up with some great ideas for them, and simply approach the CD for their thoughts on your thoughts. Major brownie points. Come up with an agency Christmas card idea. More brownie points. And just a smart thing to do. You learn through all of it, and hopefully have fun while you’re at it.

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