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How should I make my mark as “the new guy in town”?

At some point in our ad careers we will relocate to another city or even possibly another country. I’m curious to know, how important is it for us as ad people to launch a personal PR campaign of our own to let everyone know we are the new guy in town?
Of course I know awards bring recognition to ourselves and our respective agencies, but I’m talking about going above and beyond that. Sort of, ‘sending your personal press release’ out to the industry news papers and magazines as self promotion. My feeling is, “if you are good enough, why not?”
For example, is it appropriate for an Art-Director-(new guy in town) to ask your CD when you are hired that you would like a press release sent out about yourself. Perhaps stating, “Think-tank Mr. Jones now joins XYZ Agency, Mr. Jones was responsible for many highly recognized & succussful campaigns which include….
Thanks…hope to hear back from you on this one.

intro How should I make my mark as the new guy in town?When an agency makes new creative hires, it’s not unusual to announce it in the trades. You can ask your CD if he/she plans to do so, if you’re not sure. If they say ‘we don’t do that’, drop it. It’s really not a big deal. If you’re good, people will hear about you soon anyway. If not, they won’t. Kind of simple.

We enjoy it when people that are new to our town call to suggest getting together for a coffee to introduce themselves. We like to know new, talented people and they like to know what the other creative directors are like in their city. And it’s just a friendly gesture that makes an impression on us. Hopefully a good impression, not always.

Meanwhile, relax. Cancel the appointment with the PR guy already.

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