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Is it in good taste to name-drop the awards you’ve won?

I was just wondering, I’ve been told before not to boast about awards that you’ve won because no one likes a show off.
I’m not one to have a big head, actually I like to stay humble and I’m constantly afraid of the blank white page, it keeps me on my toes; but to get a creative director’s attention do you both think it’s wise to mention the awards you’ve won in an e-mail or phone call, either as a cold call or a follow up?

intro Is it in good taste to name drop the awards youve won?For better or worse, awards are the currency in our business. You’re literally worth more money with them, especially if you land one of the big ones like Cannes, The One Show or CA. They can put you on the map and put you on the radar of a CD. When we have an opening, often the first place we look for new talent is in the latest awards books: the creatives listed in the credits are the first people we call. Do awards truly mean you’re exceptional? Not necessarily, and many a CD has learned that the hot new hire only coughs up outstanding ideas every once in a great while. But the awards are at least a signal that you may have something going on.

So, of course you should let the CD know you’ve won something. But you don’t need to be in-your-face about it. We usually learn on a resume what awards have been won. If you’ve just won a medal at a show, you could mention that in a call, or mention your latest work just got into the X-awards annual if they want to have a look. Just don’t make it your big headline about yourself. It’s a P.S.

All this goes double if you’re Canadian. God forbid anyone should brag.

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