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Should I quit my apparently weak ad school?

In the last little while I have had a few interviews at agencies in the downtown Toronto area, as I search for the highly coveted internship. Various CD’s and AD’s have looked at my ads in my portfolio. However, one gave me some advice, and I am not sure how lightly or hard I should take it. This individual told me that the school that I was going to was a waste of money, that the “books” coming out of my school are not very good, and said that it really doesn’t matter if I have a diploma in advertising or not. So the first question I have for you both is: is a diploma all that necessary when getting in the business (as others have told me it isn’t). Also, after investing about $12,000 in 8 months of school, with another 10 months and $10,000 more to pay, do I stick with it, or independently work on perfecting my portfolio at home and save the money? Especially when it seems that the majority I have learned already at another school that I went to previously. I went to this unnamed school for contacts in the business, which I have gotten. But, $20,000 is a lot to shell out for an 18-month course. After almost 4 years of school, a pile full of knowledge and a heart full of passion, I JUST WANT IN AN AGENCY that will give me a chance! No more schooling! What are your thoughts? Thanks!

intro Should I quit my apparently weak ad school?It’s sad but true that many schools have weak advertising programs that can mean you’re virtually throwing your money away. We gave advice not long ago on the subject: if a prospective school can’t point to a pile of excellent work created by its students, and graduates that are working in good jobs, then take a pass. You may do well to cut bait now on a pricey school that isn’t delivering the education you’re paying for. What we can’t know without seeing your book is how far it is from being able to get you a job. Even graduates from excellent schools find it a tough slog to get that first break. Whether you quit your school or not, you’ll need to be highly motivated to keep refining and evolving your book. We’ve hired some great juniors that had strong books in spite of their poor schooling. They are often the best juniors out there—if you can create wonderful work in a lousey environment, you’ve really got something special going on. We hope you’re one of those people.

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