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Upping the “wow” factor of a killer book

How about some tips on how to make a killer portfolio WOW an audience?
And what should I leave behind after the interview? Is it really important to leave something behind other than a CV?

intro Upping the wow factor of a killer bookIf it’s a killer portfolio it will have all the wow-power it needs. No need to trick up a book full of great ideas. A clean, classic presentation of your work will more than suffice. The real trick is coming up with the outstanding ideas themselves, and editing yourself properly so that the high standard is consistent. Nothing kills a book more effectively than throwing in a few “filler” ads. The CD judges you based more on your weakest work than your best. After all, they’re assuming that if you did the mediocre work, you may well deliver that standard on an average day rather than the much harder to deliver great ideas. Or at best, they’ll see you don’t know the difference between ok work and excellent work. It’s hard for anyone to be objective about their babies and it pays to get people you respect to help identify the work that should be left behind. Once you’re interviewing, you’ll get plenty more feedback on that front. Your gut will have to lead the way, but be prepared to accept a bunch of stuff you thought was deserving, isn’t.

We always appreciate being given copies of work after an interview. Like most CD’s, we see so many people that this is the best possible way to remember who you are, and we keep this on file if we were really impressed. Many people go to great lengths to make these leave- behinds really slick. That’s never a bad thing, but even black and white photocopies will jog our memories.

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