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CDs think I want a job; I just want to talk (for now)

I am 2nd year creative student that has some concerns about which art direction path I would like to follow.
A professor that I have great admiration for suggested speaking with industry people.
That’s a great idea, but Art Directors and Creative Directors can smell a student a mile away. They get our scent and right away think that I want a job. All I really want is 15 minutes of their time to discuss how their passions lead them to the industry.
It is like football!
The (AD or CD) has the ball (the company) He’s charging down the field (blocking all calls) I’m at the 50 yard line ready to tackle the AC or CD OOOOOHHHHHHHHH block, tackled, hurting. Hey Bob that was good tackle. Your right Jim it was. He is going to be feeling that for sure.
What the heck- the strangest play I have ever seen Jim. All the blockers have surrounded the quarterback and they are all charging back (to their offices).
So what is the winning move to get in and chat with these people. Email is nice and simple but that is a whole other game. We have been instructed by our professors that is not a game we want to start for first contact.

intro CDs think I want a job; I just want to talk (for now)Flattery is always good. Just kidding. OK, not really.

You’re right. It is hard to get time with CDs. Their days are long and swamped. Furthermore, after a few years of the economy being in the tank and most agencies unable to hire, we think there’s general sense of ‘interview fatigue’. It comes from knowing that no matter how good a person is, you can’t hire them. Believe it or not, it’s really hard to see talented people day after day and always have to say no. No one enjoys it.

So you have to find a way to make sure that they understand that you’re looking for information rather than a job interview. We suspect you might have more luck talking to people on the phone than in person. It gives them more control over their time.

You say you’re an art direction student who is having trouble choosing which path you want to take. Not sure what you mean. Are you trying to decide between advertising and direct marketing, online and graphic design?

Before you call a CD, be sure you know his/her work and the agency’s. Have a good reason for choosing that person. Obviously,your CDs of choice should have art director backgrounds. They should also be people whose work you admire. All CDs have egos. Let them know you recognize their contribution to the industry blah blah blah. Trust us. A little honest, yet shameless flattery, should get you the your ‘audience’.

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