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How much does it cost to put celebrities in ads?

I am doing a project for my school and I was wondering if you could help me out. I would like to know what it it would cost for actors to perform in a commercial. Some of the characters I was thinking of are: Frankie Muniz, Hillary Duff Amanda Bynes, Aaron Carter and Lindsey Lohan
I know the prices will very depending on what they are doing but could you give me a set price for a 30 second add and a 60 second ad?

intro How much does it cost to put celebrities in ads?Brenda Surminski, Ogilvy Toronto’s head of broadcast production, has this to say:

“Some of the actors that the person mentions are well known TV actors and I recognize Aaron Carter as a singer, Hillary Duff as a feature actor. Although they are young, I’d guess between 15-25 tops, they are celebrities of a sort. The cost to have them appear in an ad would be something negotiated between the agency and their agents and there is no set guideline for that. It would depend on the usage i.e. where it would be shown (in the US would be the highest amount), and for how long. Assuming we’re talking about an advertiser in Canada asking for Frankie Muniz for 1 year, I would guesstimate that negotiatations would start at about $50,000 which would include his fee and royalties for the year. Expenses and perdiems which we could assume would be all 1st class would run another 10,000. I’m basing these numbers on minor celebrity talent I have contracted in the past. Hillary Duff would be another category – upwards of $100,000 to start.”

We add that the length of the spot doesn’t impact the fee. Thanks, Brenda. Now we all know.

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