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Resources to learn about copywriting for my thesis

Dear Jancy, I’m doing my last year of my Degree in Graphic Design here in South Africa, and have to write a thesis on Creative Copywriting. What I wanted to know from you is which websites can I go to for more information that is related to my topic and which books would you advise me to read?
Thank you in advance.

intro Resources to learn about copywriting for my thesisWhy does your Graphic Design degree want to know about copywriting? We ask because there aren’t oh so many courses that give students a look at multiple aspects of communication. We wish we knew more precisely what your thesis topic is. The more we know, the more useful we can be.

Our favourite books are Luke Sullivan’s “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This.”, and The Copy Book, published by D&AD a few years ago. The first is a great copywriter’s hilarious, yet educational view of what it takes to be a good copywriter. The second is a collection of essays by famous copywriters on how they do what they do. We’re deeply attached to both books. You can find interviews with Luke Sullivan and some of the folks in The Copy Book in the archives of There are also the Cutting Edge books: Cutting Edge Radio, Cutting Edge Advertising are terrific reading.

Maybe you should send a questionnaire to some copywriters you admire and get their perspective on your topic. (Won’t they love us for suggesting it?) For what it’s worth, Janet was recently interviewed by a girl from a Toronto art school who had to do a project on copywriters. So it isn’t unheard of to beard the lions in their dens.

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