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My CD is threatening to blackball me

My creative director is a “big name” in the city and has recently threatened to blackball me if I’m not more friendly with him. I know he has the clout and the connections to do it. What should I do?

intro My CD is threatening to blackball meThis smells like a prank letter, but ok, let’s assume you’re for real. This shit does happen.

You’re saying your boss is demanding that you have sex with him? If we’ve got that right, you don’t want to work for him and you should start looking for a new job immediately. If you can manage to live without a job—move in with a friend or parents temporarily?—quit now. Bottom line is he’s full of shit and he won’t blackball you– that’s like leaving an incriminating trail of breadcrumbs to his crime (and fellow CD’s aren’t that stupid—if your book is good, this idiot warning you’re not good won’t be automatically taken to heart). If you feel there is any senior person at your office that you can confide to that this is happening, rat him out. Your head of human resources would be a first choice, generally. We’re big fans of ratting out disgusting (and in this case, illegal) behavior. It’s also not a terrible idea to speak to a lawyer. If you aren’t walking straight out the door for whatever reason, know that you don’t have to nor should you accept this kind of threat. Record his exact words, save any emails or voicemails that are incriminating (and this kind of person is often stupid enough to leave this kind of evidence—we know of several cases where voicemails have been the undoing of offenders). Talk to anyone you trust about it and get the counselling you need to deal with it. This guy needs to get busted, and you’ll need support to make it happen. No matter what, you need to leave the situation as quickly as possible.

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