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I “like” the ad biz, but I don’t think I “love” it

I am currently a student in an advertising design program. I don’t know if it’s me or advertising but I don’t feel the “love” for it. My dilemma is sometimes I really enjoy it and sometimes I want to shoot myself in the big toe. What should I do?

intro I like the ad biz, but I dont think I love itThis is a big moment in your life. You’re staring at a fork in the road. We wish we knew if you’re near graduation or just starting the program: it makes a difference. If you’re early into it, know that it’s normal to question if this is the right path, and every student struggles with how tough the learning experience is. It is a taste of the real world—the long hours, the anxieties that come with trying to find a big idea, over and over again. It will never be one long happy experience—it’s really tough and for many, the pay-off moments (an idea cracked, praise from the professor, the rush of getting the idea in the first place, etc.) are worth the natural struggle. But if you are well into your program and having serious doubts, listen to your inner voice and explore other career choices. If you don’t have a burning passion for this business, in spite of the difficulties, you won’t find much success at it and certainly won’t enjoy it. It would be the intelligent choice to go down another road and chalk up your school experience to date as a valuable chance to learn that advertising may have looked interesting, but it’s not for you. (Kind of like those kids on Jamie’s Kitchen that pooched out at the end of his gruelling class, having learned being chefs wasn’t for them. But without the gourmet food and really cute teacher part.)

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