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Do writers get credit if an idea is visual?

Does your average CD give equal credit to writers if the solution to a problem is visual?

intro Do writers get credit if an idea is visual?For sure. (Unless the team agrees it was all the art director’s idea.) An idea, written or visual, can come from either person, and most often wouldn’t get to its best expression without both pushing it. The art director often has a hand in a headline, for that matter. When we look at our own ads, we can hardly remember who may have first blurted out the sentence that started the ball rolling. It doesn’t matter. Having said all that, we remember an article in a trade magazine in the early 80′s that was about what we now might call a poster ad (all visual, no headline). The writer was amazed that the copywriter of the team got a credit on an award it won. That very ad could easily have been the copywriter’s idea. Going back to the even earlier days of advertising, the writer and art director’s jobs were very distinct. Most typically, the writer did all the writing, the art director did all the visual work. (The art directors used to be referred to by some as “the wrists”.) Today, the CD and anyone else looking at an ad a team has done usually assumes it was a collaborative effort.

01/16/2004 05:54:05 PM

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