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I have this great idea for MILK…

I am Stephanie and I am 12 years old I have a commercial idea for MILK. Like got milk? But I don’t know how to give in my idea.

intro I have this great idea for MILK...We didn’t guess just how junior some of the juniors are on this site. I had my first ad ideas before I could talk—my parents tell of seeing me holding a dish liquid in front of the bathroom mirror, babbling in immitation of the stilted way people talked in commercials. I actually remember doing storyboards for an idea for Ivory soap at maybe 8 years old. The big idea was to show how cool the bubbles look when you put the bar under the tap. I thought that was very compelling. Hopefully you have a MUCH better idea for milk.

I’ll give you the truth straight up, at the risk of souring you on advertising right away. It’s pretty unusual for someone to successfully approach a big advertiser, or their ad agency, with an idea to sell their product. And you’d be the first 12 year old to do it, for sure. Since you mention the famous Got Milk campaign, you could try mailing your idea to the ad agency that does that campaign. You never know if the brilliant and nice creative director there (Goodby Silverstein & Partners, 720 California Street, San Fransisco, California 94108) might be kind enough to write back with his thoughts. His name is Jeff Goodby. If he does in fact reply, take that as a sign from God that you’re meant to go into advertising. Trust me.

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