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I only get to work on brochures!

The star team at my agency gets all the great assignments. I’m drowning in brochures. I’m afraid I’m wasting my time here.

intro I only get to work on brochures!We’ll assume you are a junior. Given that, hello—juniors are needed and expected to do a lot of not so fun stuff. If school gave you the impression that you jump right into doing Nike ads, you’ve been mislead. BUT—you can dig opportunities out of the corners no matter how green you are. Be proactive. Approach the star team and ask if you can chime in on a choice project. They may welcome the extra brain cells, and a truly great team will want to help juniors learn rather than begrudge the offer or feel like you’re horning in. Yeah, they could shut you right down. But if you do have a great idea, they should be grateful for it. Another way to make your own opportunities is to come up with some ideas for one of the agency’s clients that would be inexpensive to produce that answers a need they may have. A great in-store poster, grocery cart ad, whatever. Clients love that kind of attention and your CD will be impressed that you were proactive.

Doing brochures and nothing else after a year? That’s another story. Start looking.

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'Jancy' is Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, Co-Founders of Swim, a unique “creative leadership training lab for advertising creatives and marketers.” Prior to Swim, Jancy was globally renowned as the Co-Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, a position they held for thirteen of the twenty years they were a creative duo at the agency. Over the years they've racked up Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show pencils and CA credits, and have lead their shop to two Cannes Lions Grand Prix and a Grand Clio. They've judged CA, Cannes, D&AD, the One Show, the Clios and other prestigious award shows. Creativity named them two of the top 50 creative people of 2008. Known for their outspoken, no-bullshit style and a passion for mentoring juniors, they're ready to give you advice if you're ready to take it.

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