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What makes an ad award-winning?

I read in a previous answer or yours that awards are the only real measuring stick we have in determining who is a good creative. My question to you is what makes an ad award winning? I ask because advertising is such a subjective business. Is it the ad that combines two ideas into one in the best way? Is it the ad that is most effective in the marketplace? Is it the ad done by the person who knows the most people on the judging panel?

intro What makes an ad award winning?We’ve always observed that any given awards jury would vote a bit differently on any given day. It is subjective and it’s far from a science. Let’s assume the jury is a strong one (and plenty aren’t). Broadly speaking, the ad that wins will strike them as original, strategically smart, well-executed (the vast majority of ads entered in any show died in the execution), memorable and surprising in some way. Really great ads are effective—we often tell our clients that it’s wrong to think that there are two kinds of ads: award winning or effective. The Gunn report out of Chicago confirms that award winning ads perform better in the marketplace than average ads.

Can a jury be swayed by a popular juror making a case for an ad? Yes. Will a popular juror have their own work seen in an especially generous light? Can happen. Most shows go to some length to keep the voting integrity intact. Most jurors really do pour their best efforts into judging honestly and well. It’s a big responsibility that people take seriously. And ultimately, if the show is poorly judged, the jury looks bad. It’s not uncommon to hear one jury member or another implore their fellow jurors—”How can we vote that in? It’s got our names on it!”

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