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How do I start my ad career in Montreal?

I have recently returned to Canada after living in the US for 6 years.
I have lots Of art director experience in film. After a couple of years in that I went back to school for advertising (art direction and copy writting.) I’m in Montreal and having a hard time finding anything. I’m willing to do internships anything to get started in advertising. I can speak english and french.
Please let me know how to get started?

intro How do I start my ad career in Montreal?The Jancy archives have a lot of answers to your basic question, so we’ll give you a brief additional one, then you can check out the others if you like. It’s hard for anyone to find an advertising job these days. It sounds like you’re pretty fresh out of school so it’s always doubly hard for juniors. Your film background is a great experience to draw on, but ultimately you’re at square one, having made the bold move to change careers (and good for you). The disappointing answer to your question is, it just takes a lot of hard work to get a job. You need to relentlessly persue the CD’s of every agency you have any interest in to get the chance to show them your book and yourself. It can take as much creativity to do that as it did to make the book in the first place (not really, but it can feel that way). If you approach the task like another project to solve, and remember this person sees tons of books so you need to make your existance stand out, that can guide the way. Don’t be one of the masses. Be creative. Do a killer self promotion piece. Jump to the head of the line. Call at just the right time, a vulnerable moment (early or late). Know their agency’s work, flatter him or her by saying how much just 10 minutes of their time would mean to you (hopefully, mean it). And suck it up when over and over, it seems like you’ll never get anywhere. That’s the normal experience, sorry to say. If you’ve got a great book and a thick skin, you can do it. Do flag to the CD you’re up for doing an internship (getting more common every day). Being bilingual is helpful, but not the place to start the conversation. It’s a bonus once you’ve shown your creative ability.

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