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Creative director’s salaries

I know it is blatantly rude and of poor taste to ask how much you make, so I’ll beat around the bush: in general, what is the average salary a creative director could make working for a good ad firm?
I know that there isn’t just one set price, but a ballpark figure would be extremely useful.
Thanks a lot.

intro Creative directors salariesWe’d have to say there is no average salary. The range is huge. The city you look at makes a big difference. Not so many years ago one of the best CD’s in Canada was reputed to be making under 100,000 in Vancouver. Rumours float that some Toronto CD’s make 600,000 and more. (Not the norm!). There are Group Creative Directors making more than some creative directors. As with most creative jobs, to a large degree you get what you demand. It’s hard to put a dollar figure on what a dynamic, high profile, highly accomplished CD could mean to any given shop. Some pay waaaay more than others. It gets really dizzying when you look at New York, where the chief creative officer of a big shop could be earning a million or more. But really, are they happy?

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