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Should I be a CW, an AD or both?

I went to school to be an Art Director.
I have been told again and again, that my writing rivals my art direction.
My question to you, is….is it safe to market myself as an Art Director/Copy Writer? Or does that put me at risk of coming off as a know-it-all?
Or should I just stick to Art Direction?

intro Should I be a CW, an AD or both?Sounds like time time to switch teams. If your writing is better than your art direction, doing both doesn’t make sense. The rare few who are equally good at both can successfully sell themselves as both. Otherwise, focus on one and excell at that. Being brilliant at either will take all your energy.

Of course if you don’t really enjoy writing, that’s a different problem. No point wasting time doing something that isn’t rewarding. We can’t know if you have potential to be a strong art director without seeing your work. Sounds like you’re getting feedback that casts some doubt on this. Assuming you’re junior, for many, true ability takes time to develop and needs experience and nurturing. If your real passion is art direction you may be wise to take the slower route to being strong at the discipline you really love.

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