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My design book is getting copywriting kudos

I am a graphic design graduate from George Brown College. I graduated about 4 years ago. After my first year of graduating I sent out self promos to design firms and ad agenices. Only one design firm responded, I had more success with the ad agencies. I got calls right away from CD’s wanting to see my book. Problem was, my book was all graphic design, no ads. I soon realized that I should have choosen advertising as my major. Well, I’m ready to battle. I’m starting a book from scratch. What type of spec work are CDs looking for? Is it important to show a lot of “Quark” work? From my self promo I’m getting a lot of comments like: “Have you thought about copywriting, you write well?” What’s expected in a junior copywriting book, especially if you’re interested in both art direction and copy? One more thing, I’m 30 years old, but I look 12, is 30 too old to get started in this industry?

intro My design book is getting copywriting kudosWe’ll start with the easiest question: no, 30 isn’t too old to get started. Many people come to advertising after different careers. And some a good bit older than 30. If you’re really talented and have focus on your goal, you can do it. And should go for it. You say you’re interested in both art direction and copy. That’s also not uncommon. Right now you might as well keep your options open. Art directors are expected to be decent writers (life isn’t fair) in advertsing. Often in awards books you’ll notice the art director has a writing credit, and conversly, there are times when the writer gets an art direction credit. The jobs can and do overlap. We don’t care about “Quark” work–we care about how you think. We look at the ideas, the conceptual ability, first. We’d rather see rough comps of great ideas than tight comps with mediocre ideas. To be sure, if you can show you have excellent design skills as well, so much the better. In a writer’s book, well, we’re looking at the quality of the writing in addition to the conceptual thinking. That means it helps to include some long copy ads (but only if they’re strong ads, not lame long copy ads for the sake of showing you can write four paragraphs). Radio scripts are always a good idea (again, only if it’s that rare thing: good radio). Good luck switching gears.

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