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How did you learn typography?

Jancy…how did you learn typography? I think it is hard now, with so many typefaces and computers to learn typography. In the old days it must have been easier.

intro How did you learn typography?In the “old days” I learned typography on a computer at the University of Delaware (such a relief when we moved on from carving in stone). I can promise you that “learning” typography was not one bit easier then: there were thousands upon thousands of fonts. And getting the font right, the kerning right, the whole role of type right was and is one of the biggest challenges an art director faces, from the first ad ever done. I think it’s like torture, myself. I’ve always found that for my one ad, suddenly all those thousands of fonts are just wrong. I spend days and days if not longer on the search. And we’ve all blown ads by choosing, finally, a font that’s still a hair off.

I think one thing that probably worked better when I was a junior was the more tactile experience of looking through books instead of on the screen. We’d literally photocopy pages and cut together our headlines (well, some of us), gluing them down, as we tried to find the right solution. I know that sounds primitve and awful, but it made the process go deeper and we wrapped our heads around the fonts that much better. Seeing it onscreen just isn’t the same. And I walked 12 miles to work, uphill both ways.

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