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How much does education matter?

Dear Jancy, when hiring at an advertising agency, do they base position on education? Meaning the type of school you went to, the better your chances of getting a job. Out of all the colleges in ontario (GTA) which ones spit out the best advertisers? Also which schools in the GTA do most of your employees come from? Thanks, gr. 11 student

intro How much does education matter?The answer to your question so depends on which part of the industry you’re interested in. Creative directors care way more about the quality of the portfolio than they do about where it was developed. Lots of the creative folks we’ve known/hired over the years didn’t even come from schools. We’ve had plumbers and carpenters and teachers grow into excellent writers and, occasionally, art directors. At this moment, Humber and OCAD are the best Toronto schools for creative folks.

Account service people also come from a variety of backgrounds. It used to be that the better business schools (Western, Shulich, Queen’s) provided the majority of the people, but that’s changed too. University is important, but which school and which degree is more open than it used to be. None of the schools spit out great ad people. You learn that on the job. What ad agencies look for are intelligent and creative thinkers. These come from a whack of different places. Sorry – no easy answers.

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