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Spikes Asia 2009 thumbnail

Spikes Asia 2009

Launched amidst much buzz from the global creative industry and in an uncertain economic climate, Spikes Asia opened with a big bang and lots of promises to deliver as the premier Asian advertising awards festival that is truly representative of Asian creativity within the region.

Click Singapore 2009 thumbnail

Click Singapore 2009

Making its debut in Singapore, Click by Creative Review undoubtedly drew the attention and curiosity of many in the industry with its promise of a stellar lineup and a solid showcase of the most influential digital campaigns and biggest industry award winners from recent years from the Asia Pacific region. Representing the region were speakers and panelists from China, Singapore, Tokyo and Australia, with the notable exception of creative powerhouses such as India and Bangkok

So you want to become a freelancer because where you are, it sucks! thumbnail

So you want to become a freelancer because where you are, it sucks!

You’ve had enough of working late nights, long weekends and getting pretty much nothing in return, apart from a deep resentment for the agency and people you work for.
The creative director doesn’t like your work, or, if he/she does, the account people can’t sell your work, so the client constantly rejects it…

Malcolm Gladwell On Reinventing Innovation: The Final Lessons thumbnail

Malcolm Gladwell On Reinventing Innovation: The Final Lessons

Recently, we at ihaveanidea were invited to attend a day-long conference on “reinventing innovation.” The event was hosted by Infopresse, a Quebec based publication geared towards advertising and marketing professionals. The speakers at the event included Anita Sands, VP and Chief of Innovation at Citi in New York, Lauent Simon, professor at HEC Montreal and [...]

Alwayson: OnMedia thumbnail

Alwayson: OnMedia

Last week I stuffed my Fuel Industries business cards under my mattress, slipped on an ihaveanidea reporter’s thong (which sadly doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore) and joined up for the day to cover one of the most innovative New Media events that’s emerged over the past few years: AlwaysOn:OnMedia at the Mandarin Oriental, [...]

Of Frogs and Phones thumbnail

Of Frogs and Phones

Nobody would ever make the mistake of confusing Scott Goodson with Nostradamus. Heck, he’s hardly a Marty McFly. Nevertheless, the founder and Chief Creative Officer of StrawberryFrog has been granted the task of guiding us on a look into the future as he chairs the Global Future Marketing Summit 2007 in New [...]

Lost in Translation thumbnail

Lost in Translation

Beszél Magyarul?
“Speak Hungarian” the pretty immigration officer at Ferihegy II, Hungary’s international Airport asks me on my first arrival at this central European country. This was probably a sign for things to come in a country of 10 million where the second language was Russian and then German for a long while.
English is still Greek [...]

The Art of Data Recovery thumbnail

The Art of Data Recovery

You studied fine art, design, advertising, or perhaps you majored in business. Your computer is your productivity tool just as your grandparents regarded a pen and a pad of paper. But when something goes amiss with your “productivity tool”, your immediate concern is “Did I lose what I was working on? Can it [...]

Bottled Beauty thumbnail

Bottled Beauty

Belleza, beauté, beauty – an abstract construct with few, if any boundaries. Since the beginning of time, beauty has served as an evolutionary aid, an indicator of wealth, a symbol of breeding, a mark of culture and an intangible ideal for generations of men and women alike. Beauty effortlessly crosses boundaries that we ourselves dare [...]

The Death of ihaveanidea thumbnail

The Death of ihaveanidea

Four weeks ago ihaveanidea almost died when the hard drive on my
PowerBook with all of ihaveanidea’s contact information, mailing lists,
templates, invoices, interviews, articles and directories failed.
Worst of all, nothing on the hard drive was ever properly backed up.
So Ignacio and I tried frantically to retrieve the data without any
success. [...]

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