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Bad Education thumbnail

Bad Education

I have two kids. The girl is 26, the boy, 23. They are smart, vivacious, full of energy and they are always ready and willing to work, and never say no to me. And I love that. But sometimes, I have to confess, I have to tell them to chill and I have to say no.

Let me explain: I’m only 38. So it’s physically impossible that they are my children. And I didn’t (legally) adopt them. So how did that happen, you may ask?

Question for You thumbnail

Question for You

The holiday season is here. I heard my first Christmas song on the radio. Lights are going up. Trees are seen tied to the tops of SUV’s. Over the weekend, family and friends gathered for some thankful gluttony. At Thanksgiving dinner, I was introduced to a good friend’s Father, who was in town visiting. He of course asked me what I did for a living. I told him. The small talk continued as we chatted about advertising, my career, DVR’s, a funny TV spot he liked and the annoying length of commercials during NFL games. Gesturing to me with his cocktail in hand, he then asked me a very pointed question. It was a sincere question. It felt like my Grandfather asking me what I really thought about something.

The Top 10 WTF Moments You Can Expect as an Intern thumbnail

The Top 10 WTF Moments You Can Expect as an Intern

I am often approached by students and career-confused hopefuls who are eager to get their foot into the slamming door that is Advertising. That is, until they learn the truth. It’s not just one big beer garden full of skinny jeans and cufflinks. Well, not all the time…

So I’ve compiled a top ten list of things you can expect as an intern and how to cope, sanity-intact.

ECD:  What’s the “E” Really Stand For? thumbnail

ECD: What’s the “E” Really Stand For?

I have been on the creative side of the agency business for my entire career. I have worked for some great agencies: creatively-driven agencies (BBDO), account-driven agencies (McCann) and digitally-driven agencies (iCrossing). Along the way, I was fortunate to work for a number of very talented Creative Directors, a host of stellar account folks and my share of forward-thinking clients. I have also worked for the stereotypical, yet very real, egomaniacal Executive Creative Director who “sold” only their own work – campaign after campaign, year after year.

A Detour On The Death March To Irrelevancy thumbnail

A Detour On The Death March To Irrelevancy

When you think of great advertising communities both past and present, certainly a few places come to mind: San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Richmond, LA, Portland, etc. These are cities with robust creative communities and multiple agencies competing on the national stage with great work for great clients. These communities draw talent and clients like moths to flame.

Dallas isn’t one of them.

Thought Experiment: What Happens If You Combine Marketing Concepts and Evolution thumbnail

Thought Experiment: What Happens If You Combine Marketing Concepts and Evolution

I’m an interaction designer for a digital agency so concepts from biology rarely make an appearance at work. And yet, I’ve harbored an obsession with evolutionary biology since high school, so when I get a chance to think about how it applies to my work, I take hold of it greedily.

Collaborating with the Enemy thumbnail

Collaborating with the Enemy

There’s an old joke in Hollywood that goes something like this:

A young guy is trying to make it as a screenwriter. He’s been toiling away on his laptop for years. Late nights. Early mornings. Broken relationships. Just pumping out screenplays. Each time he types ‘Fade Out’ on a final draft, he writes off excitedly to agents and producers. But he can barely get anybody to even read them. Even when he does, the scripts thump back on his doormat with a compliment slip and automated ‘Don’t give up the day job’ reply.

What Do the Chinese Really Want? thumbnail

What Do the Chinese Really Want?

This is probably a question with an answer as straight as the circuitous Great Wall. My family is a good example of the Chinese middle class and each of us wants very different things. Thanks to the economic reform and opening-up policy in 1978, life experience over the past 30 years has made each of us now appreciate one lifestyle over another. Just like we say 萝卜白菜,各有所爱 (luó bo bái cài, gè yǒu suǒ ài) – someone likes carrots but some other like cabbages – each person has his own individual taste.

Stoke the Fire thumbnail

Stoke the Fire

I recently had the opportunity to hear Simon Sinek speak at a private corporate event. There were about one hundred of us in the audience; there was no stage, no microphone; no dimmed lights; it was an intimate gathering. Simon is a seasoned speaking pro; there is no doubt that the man has mastered the art of storytelling. He spoke for about 45 minutes and took questions for another 15. And like a great speaker, I don’t necessarily remember everything he said, but I do remember how he made me feel. I laughed; I shed some tears; I felt inspired. We all walked out saying “Wow!”

Oreamuno Answers to an ADC Member thumbnail

Oreamuno Answers to an ADC Member

Just a few weeks in to his appointment as Executive Director of The Art Directors Club, Ignacio Oreamuno sat down with Brandon Burns to answer a few tough questions. Brandon, a long time ad man and ADC member since 2008, recently launched Favorly, a unique new on-line peer-to-peer volunteer network.

Curious about the new direction of the ADC, Brandon dropped by the Club to ask Ignacio what his goals and plans are, his vision for non-advertising initiatives for the Club, and his Open Door Policy and what members can expect from him moving forward.

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