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Life On The Fringe thumbnail

Life On The Fringe

Recently a group of friends and I rode bicycles through Edinburgh, Scotland. Adrian, our guide, asked us what we –– three American twenty-something kids and two just-about-old-enough-to-be-their-parents-guys –– were all doing in Edinburgh together.
No doubt he suspected it was some decadent dads-and-trophy-wives jaunt, or perhaps some attempt at swinging gone horribly wholesome.
We explained that [...]

Portfolio Night 5: London thumbnail

Portfolio Night 5: London

British people don’t know anything about hockey.
You need to call it “ice” hockey if you even want them to understand what you’re talking about. Just calling it hockey only confuses them.
So as a Canadian, I was slightly disappointed to realize that it would be pointless for me to oversee the night’s festivities while wearing a [...]

Portfolio Night 5: Toronto thumbnail

Portfolio Night 5: Toronto

Five years already.
It seems like only a short while ago that ihaveanidea held the first ‘Portfolio Night In Canada’ Toronto event over at Pirate Radio & Television. I have no idea what the attendance was on that evening, but whenever I visit Pirate, I always think to myself “how did we manage to fit all [...]

Portfolio Night 5: Montreal thumbnail

Portfolio Night 5: Montreal

On Thursday May 3rd ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 5 took place in 18 cities across the globe. In Montreal, 45 young creatives were welcomed inside the walls of Sid Lee (formerly known as Diesel) where their hard work was evaluated throughout the evening by some of the city’s top creative talent.
After a brief introduction video, in [...]

The 2007 Bessies thumbnail

The 2007 Bessies

The Television Bureau of Canada must have some psychics or long-range meteorologists on staff these days. It’s the only way they could’ve predicted that 2007 would be a great year to bring The Bessies, the award show honouring the best in Canadian television advertising, back to Sheraton Centre Hotel after a [...]

OgilvyOne Digital Summit: Verge thumbnail

OgilvyOne Digital Summit: Verge

The OgilvyOne Digital Verge Summit took place at the Carlu this past month. The theme of this year’s summit was “Culture of Connection”. I’m going to share a few thoughts and some highlights from the summit.
The summit started with Guy Stevenson, Managing Director, OgilvyOne Toronto speaking on this year’s theme. He spoke [...]

2007 Boards Creative Workshop – Toronto thumbnail

2007 Boards Creative Workshop – Toronto

The old adage says that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. While we don’t know about the lamb part yet, the lion was certainly true, as many members of Toronto’s advertising and production community arrived at the Diesel Playhouse on what was turning into frigid, stormy first of March. These [...]

2006 NYC Clio Awards Screening thumbnail

2006 NYC Clio Awards Screening

“So a white guy, a black guy and a Hispanic walk into a bar,” I nervously joke as Ignacio, Brendan and myself enter the Thirsty Scholar Pub on Second Ave. in New York’s East Village. After a long day of delayed flights, crazy cab rides, agency meetings and preparations with our partners at Clio Awards [...]

RGD designthinkers 2006 thumbnail

RGD designthinkers 2006

As I walk up to the Varsity theatre to get my pass I hear a voice behind me say “Wow, cool bag!” It was at that moment that I knew what type of crowd this was going to be. Designers and design fanatics of all ages, titles and types of fancy messenger bags converged at [...]

D&AD President’s Lecture Series: Chipp Kidd thumbnail

D&AD President’s Lecture Series: Chipp Kidd

Read any good book covers lately? It’s what’s inside that counts? Phashah. That’s what I have to say after Chipp Kidd’s lecture at the Royal Geographic Society on June 14th. Think of a book. What is it really? Pages filled with words, put in an order that makes them a story. Words that can make [...]

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