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Buzz Marketing Conference thumbnail

Buzz Marketing Conference

Blogging. Word of mouth. Grassroots social networks. These mediums and more can all fall under the category of Buzz marketing, the overlying theme for Infopresse’s Montreal conference last week. We at ihaveanidea were privileged to attend this event, to learn about different perspectives about what puts the buzz in buzz marketing.
The day started quite early [...]

Sahre, Victore, Wilker: A Workshop Unlike Others thumbnail

Sahre, Victore, Wilker: A Workshop Unlike Others

“From the outside it appears to be a normal design workshop, but from inside it was a completely different experience. I would describe it more as a psychological challenge workshop and a wonderful social experiment.” — Davey Whitcraft, Senior Lecturer, Otis College of Art and Design
Last week in New York City, three good friends who [...]

Wild On Cannes thumbnail

Wild On Cannes

The city of Cannes seems to hold a mythical allure. In fact, it’s not so much a city as it is a destination. Nestled between swanky boutiques flashing fancy foreign names and the magical topless beaches of the French Riviera lies enough red carpet to keep Joan Rivers alive for another five lifetimes.
It’s a land [...]

A Very Brave Party thumbnail

A Very Brave Party

When David&Goliath shifted their branding last month, becoming the “Brave” agency, we at ihaveanidea were on the guest list. Unfortunately 3000 miles is a bit of a journey for a single night of debauchery, so we had Rebecca Hekmat Ravan and Aiko Alegria, two young local art directors, check it out on our behalf. Here’s [...]

Alwayson: OnMedia thumbnail

Alwayson: OnMedia

Last week I stuffed my Fuel Industries business cards under my mattress, slipped on an ihaveanidea reporter’s thong (which sadly doesn’t seem to be on sale anymore) and joined up for the day to cover one of the most innovative New Media events that’s emerged over the past few years: AlwaysOn:OnMedia at the Mandarin Oriental, [...]

The Undiscovered Letter thumbnail

The Undiscovered Letter

Most creative people not-so-secretly wait for the day that they’ll get the perfect assignment from a client. An assignment with no boundaries, no restrictions, and no real objective beyond self-expression. That perfect assignment came on Wednesday, January 16th, via a partnership between the Art Directors Club, Moleskine, (you know, those ultra chic notebooks that creatives [...]

2007 Lotus Awards thumbnail

2007 Lotus Awards

Maybe I’m jealous of the Magnum P.I.-wannabe’s that littered the Westin Bayshore’s ballroom at the 18th annual Lotus Awards, but I just wish more focus was put on the evolving advertising trends than their choice of burgeoning growth on their stiff upper lips. Nevertheless, there were some winners that stuck out past the fledging [...]

2007 CMA Awards thumbnail

2007 CMA Awards

It’s all about the numbers.
Or is it really about the party?
Last Friday I attended the Canadian Marketing Association’s 37th annual CMA Awards Gala, billed as “the largest marketing awards celebration of its kind in Canada.” I was one of more than 2,100 marketers that attended the event at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle, setting [...]

The 2007 Advertising & Design Club Of Canada Awards thumbnail

The 2007 Advertising & Design Club Of Canada Awards

I have a little pet peeve with advertising award shows. In theory, these events are supposed to be celebrations of incredible creative work, where our industry gets together to honour the achievements of agencies, their talent and their clients over the past year. The reality is that “celebration” is a low priority amongst many award [...]

The 2007 Cassies… And Bob Garfield Too thumbnail

The 2007 Cassies… And Bob Garfield Too

Measurable results.
Those two words are enough to make clients giddy with excitement, as well as have some creatives cowering in their beds, with visions of starbursts dancing in their heads. After all, results only get in the way of your ‘world changing’ Lion-bound idea, right?
In the real world, however, results matter quite a bit, and [...]

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