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Off My Plate thumbnail

Off My Plate

I was waiting for a meeting to start last week and I overheard a conversation between a few staffers. I wasn’t eavesdropping, but I was just hearing it. They were catching up on a project. They hadn’t heard from the client yet, but they were sure when they did, it would be a rush. One of the people in the group asked about a few of the details of the project that had not been talked through internally, never mind with the client and wondered when we’d get the time to do that. The response was, “When they want it done, we’ll just have to do it

Going Dutch, a French Tale thumbnail

Going Dutch, a French Tale

Ever thought of becoming a global nomad? Not sure if it’s time to follow your heart and try your luck working abroad? Well I have some motivating thoughts that will hopefully give you a kick in the pants, make you kiss your Mum goodbye and walk out the door. Working in another market and another language – well it could just be the best thing you ever do.

Deflated thumbnail


Since the glory days, business has been trying to find ways to maximize profit. Manpower. Efficiency. Agencies, like most businesses, are working leaner than ever. We’ve adapted and figured out how to do more with less. Each person on the payroll has figured out how to do between 1.5 to 10 different jobs in a single 78-hour week.

So it’s a win for everyone.

Sometimes You’re Sh!t and That’s Okay thumbnail

Sometimes You’re Sh!t and That’s Okay

I imagine everyone who gets into advertising has someone they look up to in the industry. Mine was a guy called Festus. As we were coming out of Apartheid, this guy wrote an ad that made South Africans really take a second look at each other and the country they were now living in. It was powerful, razor-sharp stuff and year after year he’d always be on stage receiving some or other accolade for his work. I knew from then on that I wanted to be like that, and I’d do anything to get there. So I set out on this endeavor, spending the next few years working my way towards that mountaintop. Eventually I reached the apex and it was nothing short of amazing.

Breaking Free thumbnail

Breaking Free

Fresh out of university, with face full of freckles and a head full of dreams, I landed at JFK to explore America for the first time.

I’d fixed myself up with a job at a summer camp on the shores of Lake George in upstate New York. It was Friday the Thirteenth, but without all the unpleasantness.

It looked amazing – majestic maple trees, quaint log cabins, warm clear water and American girls who loved my English accent – my own little American Dream. But, like a psychopath in a hockey mask, there was something ugly lurking beneath the surface.

Anger Management thumbnail

Anger Management

Today, I am f***ing pissed. Yup. You could say it’s one of those days. And normally, I would not write when I’m mad. But I was trying to work through it and finish a post on another topic and it wasn’t going anywhere. Why? Because I’m pissed.

If you’ve working in advertising for over two weeks, you have no doubt gotten angry, mad or frustrated. That’s where I am right now. And I thought I would take this opportunity to write about working through anger. Maybe it will be therapeutic for me. Maybe for you. Let’s find out.

Mighty Mighty You Are Not Alone thumbnail

Mighty Mighty You Are Not Alone

This week marked a monumental half-way-there point for me. A date that I was sure wouldn’t come for some time, if ever. After what felt like months of interviewing, preparing, and not sleeping with anticipation I finally arrived at the front gates of The Coca-Cola Company. Bright-eyed and dead serious about posting up under a Freestyle machine (if you’re unfamiliar with this glorious contraption, Google it immediately), I had no doubts the summer would be epic. I was joined by two classmates from the VCU Brandcenter to make up the first-ever class of creative strategy interns within Coca-Cola’s esteemed Content Excellence group.

You’re So Funny thumbnail

You’re So Funny

How many times have you heard that? Just because you’re funny in casual conversation or are able to recite Spicoli quotes in the perfect timber does not mean you can get up on stage and make an audience laugh for a 15-minute set. Ask any comic and they will tell you, it’s harder than it looks. Louis CK’s first stand up experience was two minutes; it went so badly he stayed away from the stage for two years. Marc Maron, another veteran comic once said, “I got two laughs my first time out – but that was enough to have me come back”.

No Mas. How Deprivation Inspires Creation. thumbnail

No Mas. How Deprivation Inspires Creation.

When Carrie Bradshaw wrote her columns at the end of each episode of “Sex and the City,” everyone knew she was a crap writer. Not because her writing was particularly bad, but she was getting paid millions of dollars per episode – way too much to be brilliant.

She joins a long list of less-fictional creative characters, writers, artists, poets, musicians and inventors who, when finally getting shown the bucks, begin to crumble under the weight of their coins.

You Gotta Have Style thumbnail

You Gotta Have Style

Truth be told, not everyone is a great presenter; some are just better than others. Is it natural ability? Could be. Some people are simply born to entertain and engage audiences. Could becoming a great presenter be learned? Yes. But I do think that all great presenters have a solid base of innate talent that enables them to win over their audiences and deliver time and time again. But what is it? What do they have? What could they possibly possess that makes them that much better?

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