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You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but… thumbnail

You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but…

If you’ve never lived in the UK the name Broadmoor may not mean a lot, perhaps just somewhere to take a Sunday afternoon stroll in that green and pleasant land. But it might well be the last one you ever did, because Broadmoor is Britain’s most infamous high-security psychiatric hospital. A funny farm for people you really don’t want to make fun of.

‘Broadmoor’ is also an uncannily close anagram of ‘boardroom.’ Coincidence?

3 Percent Conference, One Month Later thumbnail

3 Percent Conference, One Month Later

“People overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do with their lives.”

This quote really struck me – mostly because it perfectly sums up a lot of people I know. We pile an unrealistic amount of things on our plate daily, setting ourselves up for failure and then the continual discouragement causes us to shift our long-term career goals. Our careers go from ambitious dreams to “we’ll see what happens.”

Five Types of Mentors Freelancers Need In Their Lives thumbnail

Five Types of Mentors Freelancers Need In Their Lives

As much are we are freelance strategists we are also entrepreneurs and we cannot do it alone, here are the five types of mentor you need in your freelance life

No one can know everything from day one, as much as we may believe we do and pretend we do (winging it, anyone?), we need to have someone or some people to ask questions, to bounce ideas and to vent to.

Here are the five types of mentor in my life, the often unsung heroes that keep me going and keep me alive both mentally and creatively by helping me to make very smart decisions that drive my business and my ideas forward.

Your Mother Lied To You thumbnail

Your Mother Lied To You

Even at its toughest, advertising is a job that most wish they could do. With the allure of show business and the excitement of invention, it’s no surprise people go to great lengths to break into it. Advertising programs teem with students that spend countless hours developing portfolios in hope of a shot at the hottest companies in our industry.

Career Regrets and Dealing With Them thumbnail

Career Regrets and Dealing With Them

Do you have any career regrets?

Here’s a bold statement: I actually don’t think I do. I have made errors, sure, but regrets? Not worth it, every wrong direction, miss-step or moment of poor judgement should be a learning, not a cross to bear.

I speak to a lot of people; peers, colleagues, friends, mentors, family and sometimes randoms, and it is curious how often people hold onto career regrets and use them to punish themselves for years after.

LinkedIn Skeptics, Beware the Boomerang! thumbnail

LinkedIn Skeptics, Beware the Boomerang!

The boomerang effect is a strange phenomenon, but it catches the best of us.

That’s when you say or think you’ll never do something, only to have your words or thoughts come back to bite you in the future. For me, it was allowing my LinkedIn profile to collect cyber dust (whatever that is) just a year ago. Back then, LinkedIn was constantly on my back, reminding me that my profile was only 30% complete. I ignored their pleas to complete it. Now I spend my time reminding the world that LinkedIn is far more valuable than it first seems—and to update their profiles as soon as possible.

Personal Brand thumbnail

Personal Brand

The phrase ‘Personal Brand’ has popped back up again and it makes me laugh. There are endless posts about developing your personal brand, maintaining your personal brand and how you should take your personal brand for walks twice a day so it doesn’t crap in the house when you go out.

I’m not interested in making fun of the phrase, or of people that have strategies for it. There’s nothing wrong with either. Personal Brands and the new complexity of perpetuating one reflect a change to communications in general. We can learn simple things about branding companies by looking at the ways people have successfully branded themselves.

20/20 HINDSIGHT thumbnail


I remember when I first stumbled over IHAVEANIDEA a few years ago, when I was just starting out with advertising. Back then I had some vague idea from college, read everything about and from the industry, and watched lots of Mad Men. Over the past four years of going to ad-school and (still) having my first job I’ve found out a few things. For example, my job is much more like Peggy Olson’s than Don Draper’s. But that wasn’t the only revelation that has made my professional life easier. I’d like to share some of the more profound ones with my four-years-younger self and anyone else in the same position.

Love the Jump thumbnail

Love the Jump

I caught up with my brother-in-law a few days ago after not speaking with him for what seemed like an eternity. After we got past some of the obligatory updates on what we’ve both been up to, the conversation quickly moved to what our collective plans, hopes and dreams will be for the upcoming new year.

Bad Education thumbnail

Bad Education

I have two kids. The girl is 26, the boy, 23. They are smart, vivacious, full of energy and they are always ready and willing to work, and never say no to me. And I love that. But sometimes, I have to confess, I have to tell them to chill and I have to say no.

Let me explain: I’m only 38. So it’s physically impossible that they are my children. And I didn’t (legally) adopt them. So how did that happen, you may ask?

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