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Agency Profile: Saatchi & Saatchi Toronto thumbnail

Agency Profile: Saatchi & Saatchi Toronto

The Toronto offices of Saatchi & Saatchi have always held a special place in the hearts of us at IHAVEANIDEA; Nat Salguiero, IHAVEANIDEA’s editor, had an art director internship there, and one of the site’s earliest, most ardent supporters was the agency’s CD at the time, a crazy-in-a-good-way Argentine named Mariano Favetto. The Saatchi office was located in King James Place, a strip of 19th century buildings near King and Church Streets. This locale put them away from most of the multinationals, not just in physical geography, but in architecture. No gleaming office tower for the Saatchi of old, but rather a structure that some liken to the innards of an old battleship, with many small, compartmentalized offices

Agency Profile: Grip Limited thumbnail

Agency Profile: Grip Limited

For those who are unfamiliar with how Grip Ltd. came into being, it is a tale that turned a lot of heads and dropped a lot of jaws in the Canadian marketing and advertising scene, and surprisingly it goes back much, much farther than most people realize.

While Grip Ltd. the agency opened its doors in 2002, the name of the shop has a much longer history, stretching back to the late 19th century. Grip actually started out as a company that produced an eponymous weekly humour magazine back in the 1870s.

Agency Profile: 160over90 thumbnail

Agency Profile: 160over90

Way back in the ancient, olden days of the advertising industry (“ancient and olden” meaning ten or so years ago) a ‘branding agency’ was seen by many as just a fancy way of saying “we design logos and packages and other print stuff.” Nowadays, advertising and design has changed so dramatically that few people know where the branding ends and the ads begin. What is the difference between a traditional agency and a branding agency in 2011? You’d be hard pressed to come up with a good answer.

Agency Profile: Ogilvy Toronto thumbnail

Agency Profile: Ogilvy Toronto

We are sitting in the offices of OgilvyOne, the direct, interactive and social marketing division of Ogilvy Toronto… only it’s not much of a ‘division’ these days. “This is a very transformational time here at Ogilvy,” says Nancy Vonk, Co-CCO of Ogilvy. “Not too long ago, we, like most agencies, were very siloed.” Ignacio concurs. “Wow, back when I was here in 2003, none of the divisions really worked together,” he reminisces. “We never even really talked to one another. It was as if traditional advertising was king, and interactive and DM and pharma and so on were on different planets.”

Agency Profile: Zulu Alpha Kilo thumbnail

Agency Profile: Zulu Alpha Kilo

You only really hear about Zulu Alpha Kilo when they rebrand a client, win an award, or pick up new business. A few months back, the agency won one of the most coveted pitches of 2010 — Coca-Cola Canada — with barely a whisper. And you almost never hear from Zak Mroueh, the suddenly reclusive creative genius.

Until now.

Here is IHAVEANIDEA’s exclusive look into one of the most mysterious agencies around.

Agency Profile: LatinWorks thumbnail

Agency Profile: LatinWorks

“Van a haber tacos?”

“Ahhh si mi amigo! Tendremos tacos!”

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Austin, the capital of Texas, both politically and in the advertising world. Austin is home to the famous SXSW Festival, which seems to draw more agency creatives and techies than music fans these days. Last year when I attended the festival, Sergio Alcocer, President and Chief Creative of LatinWorks, invited me over for some tacos at a social the agency was holding.

Agency Profile: Sid Lee Toronto thumbnail

Agency Profile: Sid Lee Toronto

In most cities, ad agencies tend to cluster. Toronto is no different. There’s both comfort and credibility in the familiar. Years ago, a lot of the big Toronto ad agencies seemed to cluster in midtown. They all dotted Yonge Street, coincidentally in and around the Summerhill liquor store. Countless Creative Directors have roamed the halls of the many agencies at Yonge & Bloor and The Pilot is all the richer as a result. The turn of the century ushered in migration to King West. Agencies and post production houses alike invaded the old warehouses once occupied by garment makers. That is, the ones not already occupied by a high-end bar or lounge.

Agency Profile: Red Tettemer + Partners thumbnail

Agency Profile: Red Tettemer + Partners

Whenever we at ihaveanidea set out to visit a city, we try to schedule as many agency visits as we can, in order to bring you more agency profiles. Sometimes our schedules and meetings get changed, and we can squeeze in an extra visit that we didn’t plan for. It’s sort of like a bonus, a two-for-one deal.

But I believe this is my first one-for-two visit.

Allow me to explain. On my recent trip to Philadelphia, I had planned to meet with two respected indie shops: Red Tettemer and Stick & Move. I did in fact meet with both Steve Red of Red Tettemer and Steve O’Connell at Stick & Move, but something seemed a touch off, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Agency Profile: Sponge thumbnail

Agency Profile: Sponge

If you’re in Near North Side, Chicago (and if you work in that city’s ad industry, chances are that’s where your office is) and you are looking to get out of the downtown core and escape out of town, or perhaps to O’Hare Airport, chances are you’d jump in a cab that’ll take you to East Ohio Street, across the Chicago River, and onto the Kennedy Expressway. And as you cross that bridge over the river, as tens of thousands of people do every afternoon, you’ll see a great big old fashioned water tower to the north,

Agency Profile: Energy BBDO thumbnail

Agency Profile: Energy BBDO

There are various excuses you could give for being late for a meeting. The traffic was crazy. The cab driver didn’t know where he was going. The subway was a nightmare. But until now, I have never been able to honestly say:

“Sorry I’m late. I got held up by a battle between Autobots and Decepticons.”

Yes, here I was, right in front of Chicago’s famous Wrigley Building — home to Energy BBDO — and my way is blocked by car wreckage that looks torn in two rather than smashed. There are huge chunks of broken concrete scattered like Lego bricks, and off in the distance, Shia LaBeouf is sipping a water in the shade.

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