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Agency Profile: Lean Mean Fighting Machine thumbnail

Agency Profile: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

The biggest challenge you’ll face in a visit to Lean Mean Fighting Machine is finding the place. The location is idyllic, situated across from the famed Roundhouse Theatre, near Primrose Hill, not far from Regent’s Park and the peacefully winding Regent’s Canal, just north of Central London in Camden Town. But the office itself is cleverly hidden just off the hip hustle and bustle of Chalk Farm Road on Ferdinand Street.

Agency Profile: Target Marketing & Communications thumbnail

Agency Profile: Target Marketing & Communications

In little St. John’s is a little agency with 50 people called Target Marketing & Communications. You probably don’t know about it, but if you live in Canada and go to the award shows, their name very frequently pops up. In fact they are “…proud to be one of only 11 agencies in the country to win Gold at Cannes.”

I was always curious about Target and I even know of really talented creatives that made their way there, but I just never came around visiting since it is, well, an island and a bit out of the way.

Agency Profile: 72andSunny thumbnail

Agency Profile: 72andSunny

72andSunny was “born modern.” Founded just seven years ago, it’s not an agency that has to catch up with the times. It was born in the times and works to leverage the times, both through its people and its work. 72andSunny calls itself a “culture first company,” putting the staff above all else. Coming from big agency environments like W+K Amsterdam and Deutsch/LA, the founders of 72andSunny set out to build an egoless studio where the work is owned by all.

Agency Profile: TBWA\NEBOKO thumbnail

Agency Profile: TBWA\NEBOKO

Amsterdam is known far too often for its red light district and lenient marijuana laws, and not often enough for its stunning architecture, art and incredible quality of life. In a new industrial area of the city, a creative atmosphere surrounded by water (as much of Amsterdam is, with its interconnected water highway of canals) and host to scads of agencies, television production and film companies, sits TBWA\NEBOKO.

Agency Profile: CARTEBLANCHE thumbnail

Agency Profile: CARTEBLANCHE

It is not by coincidence that one of Quebec’s up-and-coming agencies is located on one of Montreal’s most renowned streets. Boulevard Saint-Laurent used to mark the divide between English and French-speaking Montreal, but now that we can all play nice in the sandbox of language and linguistics, Saint-Laurent is known for neater things. Like the path it takes directly through some of Montreal’s funkiest neighbourhoods, from Old Montreal to Little Italy, with Chinatown, the Plateau and others in between.

CARTEBLANCHE is just south of Little Italy on Saint-Laurent. Inside the agency, the atmosphere is fresh and uncluttered. There is no reception, so I was greeted by the incredible fact that “CARTEBLANCHE” is written across five walls facing the door in a three-dimensional mind trip.

Agency Profile: CloudRaker thumbnail

Agency Profile: CloudRaker

“You cannot possibly comment on the state of the ad industry in Canada without visiting Montreal” was a chorus I heard again, and again, and again in Toronto, the most recent leg in my Saturn Return Project world tour. “You’re going there, too, right?”

How could I not? Not only the home and headquarters of IHAVEANIDEA, Montreal is the heart of French-speaking Quebec, the heart of the province, and also the heart of the culture and the heart of the ad industry français. Most shops in English-speaking Canada have at least a partner, if not an outpost, if not a full-blown office in Montreal to ensure that their communications resonate with all Canadians, including their crazy cousins in Quebec.

Shops like CloudRaker have their roots exclusively planted in Montreal. A truly bi-lingual agency, CloudRaker has one foot on both sides of the language divide, though in fact, there is no divide.

Agency Profile: Potter Ruiz thumbnail

Agency Profile: Potter Ruiz

When you think of the city of Boston, what are some of the things that come to mind? There’s the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, there’s Boston baked beans. There’s Harvard, there’s MIT, there’s New England clam chowder. And of course the region is famous for its rich Latino culture.

Wait, what?

Okay, okay, replace “Latino” with “Irish-American” and you might be onto something, but Boston isn’t particularly famous for a large Latino community. While a city like not-too-far New York has a population where more than a quarter claim some Hispanic or Latino heritage, up here in considerably pastier New England, census numbers put their numbers at less than 8%.

Perfect place to start a Hispanic agency, no?

Agency Profile: Captains of Industry thumbnail

Agency Profile: Captains of Industry

Boston is one of the oldest cities in North America, and it’s evident nearly everywhere you go. No fancy grid system for the oldest parts of town, that’s too newfangled 18th century for most folk. The streets seem to careen in whatever direction they wish, and smack dab in the middle of them all is Union Street, said to be the oldest continuously used street in the US. On that small, unassuming lane you’ll find the Bell In Hand, the oldest tavern in the US; The Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the US; and the original location of the Green Dragon Tavern, “the headquarters of the Revolution.”

Agency Profile: Leo Burnett Toronto thumbnail

Agency Profile: Leo Burnett Toronto

Many of ihaveanidea’s longtime followers know that although we are currently headquartered in the eclectic city of Montreal, Canada, we were “born” in Toronto (literally, in my case). We started our careers on the Toronto ad scene, and thus we have always been pretty familiar with the various shops in town. But we have been in “la belle province” for a number of years now, and everybody knows that a few years in the ad biz can see an eternity of changes.

Agency Profile: GSD&M thumbnail

Agency Profile: GSD&M

For many people, their “glory days” or “discovery years” came went they first went away for college. Some people wish they could go back to those days, and a precious few, well, they enjoyed their college town so much that they never left.

Such was the case when a number of graduates of University of Texas at Austin decided that they loved working together and living in the state capital so much that they didn’t want to leave. Instead, they took their new-found school smarts and in 1971, the team did the most logical thing they could think of — they started a little advertising agency.

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