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Agency Profile: Santa Clara Brazil thumbnail

Agency Profile: Santa Clara Brazil

When I first visited Santa Clara almost two years ago, they were stationed in a beautiful house in Sao Paulo, complete with their own pool. It reminded me a lot of La Comunidad, the only other house-agency I had been in. Progress brings change and neither agency is in a house now. They have both grown up and become serious office-dwelling corporations.

Out of all the agencies I visited in Sao Paulo, Santa Clara probably has the nicest space. It’s not massive, but it’s cute. Designed by Brazilian Sub Estudio, the space has nice vibes and is a lot nicer than most of the massive rooms full of never-ending computers I saw at most of the other agencies.

Agency Profile: Ogilvy Shanghai thumbnail

Agency Profile: Ogilvy Shanghai

The second the plane touched down in Shanghai, it was clear that, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.” While for the most part it is hard to tell one airport from another anywhere in the world (aside from knowing that certain international hubs might have a better lounge or superior food court), and while almost every airport worldwide provides some level of direction in English, even the presence of Chinese characters reminded me that I was in a very foreign land. While the calligraphy of written Chinese is incredibly beautiful, as is the meaning behind the way words are written, it is visually both fascinating and foreign to a Western eye.

Agency Profile: Almap BBDO thumbnail

Agency Profile: Almap BBDO

A few minutes into interviewing Chief Creative Officer Luis Sanchez and Creative Director Marcos Madeiros, I realized that the Almap BBDO Agency Profile was going to be short, very short.

When I go to agencies— and I’ve been to a lot— many times they echo the same tiring quote, “Here, it’s all about the work,” but at Almap BBDO I finally faced a real ‘only about the work agency.’ In fact, there’s not much to say about the agency other than it’s full of people that spend their days crafting great ads.

Agency Profile: TBWA\LATIN AMERICA thumbnail


One thing is for sure: the TBWA Worldwide network produces a powerful brand of Kool-Aid. And every member of the TBWA network that I’ve met in any city around the world has a glassful. But they don’t drink it because they have to. They drink it because they authentically believe in it. They love it. They share it. And it tastes the same no matter what country or city you are in.

TBWA\LATIN AMERICA, located smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the cultural hot spot of Miami Beach, is no exception.

Agency Profile: VML thumbnail

Agency Profile: VML

Not far from downtown, just over a short bridge in the downtown airport sits VML’s Global Headquarters. You read that correctly, the agency is located within (and has taken over the majority of) an airport. Not the Kansas International Airport, which is a mere fifteen minutes away, but a smaller public downtown airport, which still accommodates small planes and VIP landings (you know, folks like Michelle Obama, Garth Brooks, professional sports teams and Nascar drivers – after all, the Kansas Speedway is located on the Kansas side of Kansas City).

Agency Profile: St. Luke’s thumbnail

Agency Profile: St. Luke’s

What would you do with a “Make Yourself More Interesting Fund?”

It may sound like a daydream of an offer, but at St. Luke’s, it’s a reality; each employee is given a stash for self-improvement. Not just something like learning to drive a car, but rather a skill like learning horse massage or a new language.

What might one do with a newly bestowed skill set? Well, in addition to autonomously enjoying your new talents, they could also be used to contribute to the community. Luckily for that cause, St. Luke’s allows each employee fifty hours per year for any kind of community programs they would like to participate in or contribute to.

Agency Profile: Sid Lee Paris thumbnail

Agency Profile: Sid Lee Paris

Atelier: a French word, which translates to “workshop.” I don’t know if the ever-pervasive advertising of the holiday season has yet to leave my head, but the thought of a workshop conjures up an image of an old man with a white beard whittling away amidst a bevy of little elves.

But at Sid Lee Paris, the atelier is more of an artisan’s workshop. Instead of an old white-bearded man, there is Creative Director and Partner Sylvain Thirache. And rather than a bevy of elves, Thirache is surrounded by a band of specialists from architects, to illustrators, to web designers to typographers. There are also copywriters and account managers, all working to bring fresh creativity to clients including Ubisoft, Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, Adidas, 1664 and Carlsberg.

Agency Profile: La Comunidad thumbnail

Agency Profile: La Comunidad

Its name says it all. It says it in Spanish, but it still says it all. “La Comunidad” means “the community” and it is the culture at La Comunidad, so fiercely cultivated and protected, that makes this agency who they are.

“It’s all about the people, and for us the name is a tribute to the people that make our dream even better,” said Co-founder and Creative Director Jose Molla. “We tried from the beginning to make this place different, to try to get all of the internal politics out of the way, to encourage everyone to really speak their minds and be open.”

Agency Profile: Dare London thumbnail

Agency Profile: Dare London

Remember the game “Truth or Dare,” where two brave souls challenge one another to choose between spilling the unspeakable or doing the unthinkable? At London-based agency Dare, the two are not mutually exclusive. Rather, the Dare team works by the mantra “Truth and Dare,” always striving to reach the core truth of a brand and be daring enough to state it. It’s about getting the right information out from the very beginning of a project or client relationship to ensure efficacy in the long run.

Agency Profile: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam thumbnail

Agency Profile: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

More than 20 different nationalities work within the walls of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, representing a blend of cultures, experience and language, even though linguistic individuality is only discernable by the accent in which a person’s English is spoken. This community of creativity-loving ex-pats produces some of the best work in the world for international clients such as Heineken, Nike, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Levi’s, Delta Airlines and Electronic Arts.

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