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Agency Profile: Campbell Ewald thumbnail

Agency Profile: Campbell Ewald

Campbell Ewald’s move to downtown Detroit was just announced publicly today, and IHAVEANIDEA was given an exclusive tour of the space by CEO/Chairman Bill Ludwig and CMO Barbara Yolles – two of the leaders spearheading this new vision.

Agency Profile: BBDO Proximity Berlin thumbnail

Agency Profile: BBDO Proximity Berlin

“Don’t quote me on this, but the decor here is a little dull,” says Darren Richardson, Regional Executive Creative Director of BBDO Proximity Germany as he leads me through the grey and white halls of the famous network’s Berlin office. No Day-Glo colors or crazy artwork, at least not in the reception area. I promise Darren I won’t mention it.

A half-hour later, I’m chatting with Jan Harbeck Co-Executive Creative Director, and I am asking him what is the most inspiring thing about their office space. He looks about the room, shrugs and says “well it isn’t the walls, I can tell you that. This part looks like an insurance company.”

Darren looks back at me, pauses a beat and says “okay, now you can quote me on what I said earlier.”

Agency Profile: Perfect Fools Stockholm thumbnail

Agency Profile: Perfect Fools Stockholm

The look of advertising agencies — their physical offices at least — can certainly run the gamut. Some resemble the corporate offices of just about every industry imaginable. They’re the ones with cubicles, watercoolers and photocopiers, and the only thing that would immediately clue you in that you were at a creative firm would be that some of the staff are wearing hoodies and skinny jeans. On the other side of the spectrum, there are offices that go out of their way to scream ‘not stuffy corporate!”

Agency Profile: Forsman & Bodenfors Stockholm thumbnail

Agency Profile: Forsman & Bodenfors Stockholm

There is a bit of a rivalry between the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. Stockholm, of course, is the capital of Sweden, the most populous city in the country, and arguably the cultural and economic hub of the entire Nordic region (although some people in Copenhagen might disagree with that last one.) Gothenburg, on the other hand, is known for its industrial strength — it’s the home of Volvo and SKF — and its many music and film festivals. I’m told that the vibe of Stockholm and Gothenburg, which are located on Sweden’s east and west coasts respectively, mirror their east coast/west coast counterparts in the US, and some Göteborgare joke that being on the west coast makes them more in touch with the western world.

Agency Profile: Garbergs thumbnail

Agency Profile: Garbergs

Visitors to Stockholm have a lot of culinary options to choose from, and one of the city’s most popular restaurants is called Gondolen. Located in the Södermalm district, the restaurant serves a variety of traditionally Swedish dishes — more seafood than you can shake a fishing rod at — but in many eyes, the food is secondary to the spectacular view. Gondolen offers a huge panoramic view of the archipelago that makes up the city of Stockholm. You can see the many waterways that stretch from Riddarfjärden to the Baltic Sea, and there’s also an unparalleled view of Gamla stan, home of the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral.

Of course, if you’re in advertising, there is another way to enjoy this same breathtaking view of Stockholm… simply get yourself a job at Garbergs.

Agency Profile: Volontaire thumbnail

Agency Profile: Volontaire

Whenever I visit agencies, I’m usually served a beverage at the beginning of our meetings. Most of the time it’s a coffee, a tea, a water, or just maybe a Coke. But this was the first time I had been offered a lemonade to kick off our conversation. And not just regular lemonade, but one of three varieties: the usual lemon, sugar and water variety, raspberry lemonade, and something called “päronad.”

Pear lemonade?! Now that sounds very different.

It was very different. Much like Volontaire itself.

Agency Profile: INGO thumbnail

Agency Profile: INGO

Sweden has shown the world more than its fair share of famous athletes. In tennis, there’s the legendary Björn Borg; if you’re a fan of golf, look no further than Annika Sörenstam; and on the hockey rink, names such as Börje Salming, Mats Sundin and Peter Forsberg are instantly recognizable — especially true of the first two in my hometown of Toronto, Canada.

But before these greats, there was one Swede gracing the covers of newspapers and magazines the world over: former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Igemar Johansson…

Agency Profile: Iris Worldwide New York thumbnail

Agency Profile: Iris Worldwide New York

For some, that may involve doing out-of-the-box work for big, global brands. Preferably the cool ones like Heineken, Adidas, Johnnie Walker, and Durex.

For others it might mean the freedom to travel around the world on the company dime, or to work in different locations to keep things fresh.

And for many of us, it’s the ‘small agency’ culture – a collaborative environment where each person has a say, and everyone has the power to change things for the better.

Agency Profile: Lew’Lara\TBWA thumbnail

Agency Profile: Lew’Lara\TBWA

In Brazil, everything is about soccer. If TBWA Worldwide was a striker, we could say it tried several times to make a goal in Brazil but unsuccessfully missed and hit the post several times as it was purchasing agencies that flopped. This took place until the ball finally reached the net and found its match: Lew’Lara, the largest independent agency in Brazil. Now a solid member of the TBWA network, Lew’Lara\TBWA is one of the most formidable agencies in the country and the match seems to be tight as the lemons and sugar in a caipirihna.

Agency Profile: BETC Paris thumbnail

Agency Profile: BETC Paris

BETC would not describe itself as an advertising agency. Its leadership would prefer to say BETC is an agency that focuses on creating relationships between people and brands. It is an agency which integrates the reality of relational communication and tries to create the most intense and lasting relationships.

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