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Agency Profile: Buzzman Paris thumbnail

Agency Profile: Buzzman Paris

When you visit Paris, especially for the first time, there are just some things to have to do. You have to see the Eiffel Tower and L’Arc de Triomphe, you have to visit the Louvre, you have to get stopped by con artists who claim you dropped your ring (that happened to me three times in one afternoon) But once you’ve experienced those, you really want to get out and see something unexpected.

Agency Profile: TBWA\Madrid thumbnail

Agency Profile: TBWA\Madrid

TBWA\Madrid is located on a narrow street in the Jerónimos district of the city. A block to the east sits Parque del Retiro, one of Madrid’s largest and busiest parks. Go south and you reach the Museo del Prado, Spain’s main national museum, and a short walk northwest takes you to Gran Via, arguably the trendiest shopping district in town. In a sprawling city where agencies are spread out across the map, it would appear that TBWA knew all about location, location, location.

Agency Profile: DDB Paris thumbnail

Agency Profile: DDB Paris

“We try not to bother people.”

I am sitting down with Alexandre Hervé, the silver-haired Executive Creative Director of DDB Paris, who has spent the last decade helping to shape the office into the creative powerhouse it is today. Alexandre is telling me about his interpretation of the DDB Paris philosophy.

Agency Profile: La Despensa Madrid thumbnail

Agency Profile: La Despensa Madrid

“When we are meeting clients for the first time, we bring Nutella sandwiches. If they take a Nutella sandwich, they want to play with us, and we want to play with them.”

I am standing outside of La Despensa, one of the hottest boutique agencies in Madrid, and I am wondering if I came to the right place. I was told to expect something a little different, but I’m not sure if the sides of meat hanging in the windows were even close to what I imagined.

Agency Profile: Havas Worldwide Zurich thumbnail

Agency Profile: Havas Worldwide Zurich

Zurich is often perceived as being a world-class city, one that is perennially ranked as having one of the highest quality-of-life scores in the world. Its status as an elite banking center has made it one of the wealthiest cities in Europe — not too shabby for a place with less than 400,000 people.

And Switzerland itself has excelled with its relatively small numbers. The country itself is smaller than New York State, with a population smaller than New York City, but it has many of the things you’d expect to find in the Big Apple… only smaller.

Agency Profile: Advico Y&R thumbnail

Agency Profile: Advico Y&R

The Limmat River cuts through the Old Town of the city, starting at the northern tip of beautiful Lake Zurich and continuing north. Not far from the source, the Limmat passes through the Escher Wyss quarter, named after an engineering firm that created everything from textiles to ships. The company doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s in this neighbourhood that you’ll find the offices of Advico Y&R.

Agency Profile: Serviceplan Munich thumbnail

Agency Profile: Serviceplan Munich

Maxvorstadt is an area in central Munich rich in cultural history. Right in the middle of it all sits Königsplatz, a square surrounded by the Kunstareal, one of the city’s richest museum districts. It is immediately to the west of this wealth of ancient, classical and modern art, along the famed Brienner Straße that you’ll find the sprawling complex that is Serviceplan.

Agency Profile: Scholz & Friends Berlin thumbnail

Agency Profile: Scholz & Friends Berlin

Once a business reaches a certain size, it can have a difficult time seeming warm and personable, not just to outsiders, but also to their employees. But for the Berlin-based headquarters of acclaimed German ad agency Scholz & Friends, it starts at the front door.

Or rather above it.

Agency Profile: Doner thumbnail

Agency Profile: Doner

A lot of agencies fake their culture. Let’s be honest. Nobody is playing with that dusty foosball table you keep near the lobby. And “Beer Fridays” can often be an HR gimmick so that you can tell potential hires that you have a thing called Beer Fridays – an event which can easily turn into a booze-laden bitch-session about clients and agency frustrations.

Agency Profile: M&C Saatchi Berlin thumbnail

Agency Profile: M&C Saatchi Berlin

Say the name “Saatchi” in a country like the United Kingdom, and a number of things immediately come to mind, all related to the famous Saatchi brothers, Charles and Maurice. There’s the agency they founded in 1970, the one that has grown to be one of the largest in the world. Then there’s the other agency they started in 1995 after being ousted from the first one. And if you’re even remotely familiar with the art world, you’ll know of Charles Saatchi’s vast art collection. That collection led to the creation of the Saatchi Gallery, one of London’s premier contemporary art museums.

Yes, if you’re in the UK, you know a lot about the Saatchi name.

But if you’re in Germany, unfortunately you probably just know Saatchi & Saatchi.

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