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A Brand Ol’ Story

Posted on May 2, 2013 and read 2,826 times

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pieter A Brand Ol StoryPieter van den Heuvel

BSUR Amsterdam

I was founded many years ago.

Bringing something new that was better than the old.

I got some attention, interviews, positive reviews and even some fans.
People liked me. People talked about me. People bought, used and loved me.
It was absolutely great.
I was welcomed into their cities, streets and homes.

I wasn’t a brand, not even a product – Just another great thing that helped people out.

Oh, the good old days.
A time without introductions, headlines, pictures and illustrations.

I was who I was.
No need to prove myself.
No need to step up.
No need to stand out.
I was outstanding.
You could get me wherever whenever and didn’t have to choose.

But then that day came.
New ships sailed in and dropped their anchors.

Crossing borders I never drew.
Stealing fans I thought were friends.
Shifting all attention.
Messing up the world I found and founded.

How did they do it?
Well, they weren’t much better and they weren’t that hot.
I guess it was because of their cargo:
A new kind of new that was more new than the new I used to bring.
Yes, that was it.
I needed something new too.
Something the others didn’t have.
Something people wanted (no need for them to actually need it).
Something hot, creative and unique.

So, I decided to give myself a name.
A name with a story.
A unique story which none of the others could tell.
A story about my heritage and originality.
About the reason I started all those years ago.
About my passion, the great things I brought and the bloody reason the others came here in the first place.

That’s what I needed!
To tell my story.
Not only to stand out, but to step over all those awful others.
So I did what had to be done.
I saved my life by telling the world about it.
That started with some posters.
Soon other ads and merchandise followed.

People loved it.
They loved my story.
They loved each of its chapters.
But most importantly, they loved me again.
Some even stuck my ads on their walls.
I became part of people’s homes again.
Part of culture.

But like any good story, people always want more.
And that’s where the others sailed in again.
They launched their own campaigns and told their own stories.

Not about heritage but about other fantastic things that seemed to be trending.
Stories about modernism, style, freshness, pop and art.
I must say they were quite entertaining.

People seemed to love them too.
They were very welcome.

My story soon became dusty and I’ll be honest; I was worried.
I even started to copy the others: Look who’s trying now.
Gradually my stories turned into campaigns and campaigns became advertising.
People hated advertising.
I believe they still do.

Today, things are different.

Much more positive.
The competition is killing.

New ships sail in every day.

Some even come with powerboats.
But I’m not that reactive anymore.
Mainly minding my own business.

In my case that’s a brand ol’ story.
But it’s simple, honest and pure.
And thanks to today’s innovations…

I can keep telling it, in brand new ways.

To be continued…




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