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How’d You Get In: Scott Seymour

Posted on July 27, 2012 and read 4,502 times

How’d You Get In: Scott Seymour thumbnail

BFG’s VP and Chief Creative Officer Scott Seymour doesn’t seem to sit still much. And furthermore, it doesn’t seem he ever has. He counts coaching soccer, collecting cocktail shakers and modern furniture among his hobbies, but design, technology and creativity are his passions. Counting his boyhood years, Scott was motivating his peers to action even then.

Scott has amassed a hefty collection of hardware throughout his 20 years in the business, with more than 50 awards including a Reggie, OBIE, How Design Awards, AAF Addy Awards, IMA Awards and numerous Pro Awards. Scott was the first to be tapped by BFG CEO and Founder Kevin Meany, to build a “true creative shop and mecca for artists and unique minds of many disciplines.”  He prides himself on high creative standards and attention to detail, looks for inspiration everywhere around and is on the constant search for the next big idea. But where did he begin and How’d Scott Seymour get in?

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ScottSeymourHeadshot How’d You Get In: Scott Seymour For as long as I can remember, art and design was my calling. What I discovered later in life was that I felt equally passionate about ideation and collaboration.

As a kid, I was really good at convincing people to do things. I would get all of the neighborhood kids together and we’d build elaborate forts. Not just any old run-of-the-mill tree houses. These were well thought-out, clubhouse creations. The sun would go down and some kids would want to stop, but I’d convince them to see it through. (Luckily, in my opinion, a fort at night is much cooler than during the day.)

For fun during college I would go to bars and clubs and offer to do their promotional designs. “Pay me only if it works,” I would say. And they were happy to.

I never waited for opportunity to knock, because I would open the door before it ever had the chance. I interned and worked at over 20 agencies and design studios of every shape and size.

Before graduating college, I went around to every agency I could find, and pitched myself. No one had full-time positions available, but I learned quickly that any good agency is always slammed, always busy. So during the next six months, I made myself available, and that was my way in. I capitalized on the opportunity.

I created no-risk situations for agencies. I walked in, asked how I could help, and offered my services right then and there. “Try me and I’ll prove my worth” was my approach. And if they liked what I brought to the table, they’d pay me. It was a win-win, either way

In one year, I systematically gained experience from every agency in the area.

I was constantly looking for the “right” place. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was taking mental notes—seeing what worked and what didn’t—I was in the middle of a research project that would shape my future.

It wasn’t until I attended the Addy Awards my first year out of college, that these agencies realized I had been collaborating with all of them over the course of a year. My work was nominated for over 25 awards. 15 ended up winning, and the agency I was currently working at won the most. In my opinion, awards aren’t as important as great work, but at the time it served as reassurance that I picked the right place.

Looking back, I was the young kid with no fear and big ideas. I didn’t have a connection in the industry. I just did the work. I got in because I always saw a crack in the door, and forced my way in. It’s as simple as that.

  • Bo Milbourn

    Nice work Scott!




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