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The Hunt for The One

Posted on May 2, 2012 and read 3,829 times

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brianna The Hunt for The OneBrianna Graves
Operations Manager, Writer

You know when someone arrestingly catches your attention?

You hear of them or you see them, but you don’t know them at all. You don’t have their number, their email, their address or any known way to contact them.

Yet you know you must connect with them and the hunt begins. Nothing will stop the hunter from finding “The One.”

Or in this case, “The One Designer,” better known as “Mak.” Jonathan Mak Long is a young second-year communications and design student from Hong Kong who gained international online notoriety last year with his Steve Jobs tribute design following the Apple icon’s passing.

The hunter looking for The One Designer was Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather China Graham Fink, who with the help of his assistant, called every college in Hong Kong to find Mak after admiring his Jobs tribute design.

“He’s just 20,” Fink said, “and after I flew down to Hong Kong to meet him, I immediately liked his work.”

After finally connecting with Mak and reviewing his portfolio, Fink vowed to keep in touch in him and find a way to work together.

The opportunity soon came with Coca-Cola and one simple brief: “Sharing a Coke.” Playing a part in the Coca-Cola Company’s global marketing campaign, “Open Happiness,” Ogilvy China’s brief aimed to bring the celebration of sharing a bottle of Coke to China’s market, but in a uniquely iconic way. Fink presented the brief to his internal teams at Ogilvy and also asked Mak to take a stab.

What Mak came back with was also “The One”: but this time his design was “The One” with the solution for the Coca-Cola brief.

CokeHands The Hunt for The One

The #CokeHands design uses and celebrates two of Coca-Cola’s iconic images, the “Dynamic Ribbon” and the “Contour Bottle.” But most importantly, it uses the images in way that brings dynamic energy to the simple brief, as two hands pass a bottle of Coke between them.

Fink was most pleased with the hyper-minimalistic design, meant to stand out amongst a cluttered market in China, but more so with the poster’s universal global appeal. For now, the design debuted in Shanghai in outdoor posters across bus shelters and elevators across the city.

Fink, profiled yesterday on IHAVEANIDEA, is one of the industry’s absolute finest and most interesting creatives, who has proven that he will go much further than just the distance for his work. Fink is extremely devoted to finding and nurturing young creative talent – two of the best examples being his hunt for Mak and his integral leadership in bringing Portfolio Night back to China for the benchmark tenth edition of the event.

Fink and Ogilvy China, who are hosting Portfolio Night in both Shanghai and Beijing, will offer four internships in each city to the juniors with the best portfolios at each event on May 23. Fink has also allotted a small amount of tickets specifically for talent abroad to attend the event in Shanghai or Beijing, while reserving the rest of the spaces for local Chinese talent.

Track the buzz about #CokeHands and chime in on Twitter, view more images of the #CokeHands work on Flikr and keep up with Mak’s next move on his Tumblr site. Could his next move be into the advertising industry? It’s definitely possible.

“I’ve told him there is a job at Ogilvy at the end of his course should he choose to want to go into advertising and design,” Fink said.

Stay tuned.




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