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Should We Be Flattered or Mad?

Posted on April 20, 2012 and read 4,186 times

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cabell Should We Be Flattered or Mad?Cabrell Harris


A discussion started this week simply by asking, “should we be Flattered or Mad?”

After 12 hours of launching our micro-site, we had 9,500+ unique visitors and a broad conversation in the social sphere with very strong opinions.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about the WORK Beer comparison and it seems pretty one-sided to me. I thought it best for others to state their opinions than for me to state mine. So I’d like to hear your thoughts.

However, there seems to be some confusion specifically on as to whether WORK Beer Brand ever really existed, and I would like to address that. It did, and we have been actively promoting it and having discussions in the hopes to re-launch our own brewery.

Since 1993, we at WORK Labs have labored to create a distinctive brand designed to celebrate the everyday worker and the jobs that they do. Over the years, we have introduced the WORK Brand in several categories including apparel, books, beer, tools and office supplies, and we have applied for trademarks in connection with beer, cigars, advertising and clothing. These products have all been united by our rallying cry of “FOR A JOB WELL DONE” and “YOU EARNED IT!”

Because of our products and efforts, we have been recognized both nationally and internationally. Our brands have been available for all to see on our website and other websites like The Dieline and Communication Arts since 2000. Our work is also visible here, here and here.

Of all of our products, the most successful has clearly been our WORK BEER. In 1999, Main Street Beer Company was producing some twenty-four different beers, one of which was WORK BEER. In just seven months, it became their number one selling beer and soon had distribution in four states. WORK Beer was also getting all kinds of great press in national publications like Advertising AgeAdweek and Graphis Magazine. When Main Street Beer Company closed, we retained all rights to the WORK Brand and have been actively looking for another brewer. Even while not in production, our beer is getting tons of attention. We were featured in the international publication Wallpaper Magazine this past summer, and our packaging was voted in the top 50 package designs of the year by The Dieline.

publications Should We Be Flattered or Mad?

So I wonder, what are your thoughts on the comparison? Please weigh in to the conversation with your opinion via the comments below, or in the social sphere on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Mike Bayfield

    This reminds me of a great advertising story, about legendary creative Neil French, who created a virtual beer brand ‘XO’,  in Singapore to promote The Straits Times.

    So successful was the campaign – and so huge was the demand for a beer that didn’t actually exist – that he went on to produce and sell it.If you haven’t heard the story, it’s very well told in Jim Aitcheson’s book ‘Cutting Edge Advertising.’ 




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