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Blood, Ballsweat, and Tears for a Summer Internship

Posted on March 30, 2012 and read 5,784 times

Blood, Ballsweat, and Tears for a Summer Internship thumbnail

shauna Blood, Ballsweat, and Tears for a Summer InternshipShauna Roe
Copywriter & Canada’s Ballsiest Intern

rachael Blood, Ballsweat, and Tears for a Summer InternshipRachel Kennedy
Art Director & Canada’s Ballsiest Intern

About two months ago, Rachel and I were on a bus brainstorming a strategy that would win us a summer internship. Somewhere in the mix, “Canada’s Ballsiest Interns” was born and we’re proud to say that two months later, our efforts proved to be a huge success. Today we accepted a full-time summer internship with Saatchi & Saatchi.

So what was Ballsy Interns all about? We launched our campaign by creating an intro promo video, sent to the agencies of our choice. You can watch it here (if you have the balls):

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With the promo video, we sent the agencies a contract. In the contract, we explained the deal we wanted to make with them: in exchange for issuing us a ballsy challenge (anything they could think of) – and if we did it – they had to give us an interview. To accept the challenge and watch our progress, they were instructed to communicate with us through our Twitter account.

We had a great response rate. We sent the campaign promo to about eight agencies, and seven responded. To our surprise, most agencies simply asked to see our portfolios or schedule an interview time, and didn’t even give us a challenge.

In the end, we completed two Ballsy Challenges. The first from the CD of Spring in Vancouver Rob Schlyecher, and the second from Y&R Toronto’s Chief Creative Officer Israel Diaz. Rob challenged us to get a series of people to say “F**k off!” on camera, which turned out to be a lot harder than we anticipated. But certainly not impossible for Canada’s Ballsiest Interns!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Israel challenged us to assemble and disassemble the Coleman Insta-tent (Coleman is currently a client of Y&R) in the middle of the Bay and Bloor intersection as the ‘walk’ symbol was on. We completed the task earlier this week, and our balls were stroked by Lady Luck as a man from the Toronto Star happened to be in the area, and recorded the event in its entirety.

starvid1 Blood, Ballsweat, and Tears for a Summer Internship

When we found out last week that we had an interview with Saatchi & Saatchi, we wanted to make sure we’d make a lasting impression on CD’s Helen and Brian. They didn’t give us a Ballsy Challenge, but to make our presence known, Rachel and I bought $100 worth of balls from the trusty, local Wal-Mart on the day of the interview. We went to the agency the minute they opened and filled the lobby with the balls, along with some signs so everyone knew exactly who was responsible (if they hadn’t already guessed). And because we’re not only ballsy, but also polite, we cleaned everything up a few hours later, and awkwardly carried all the balls back to Wal-Mart for a full refund. #studentbudget

We were more than pleased to show Helen and Brian our balls in person, and we cannot wait to get started at the agency next week!

What did we take away from the experience?

  1. Leslie Ehm, a former CD and inspiration to Rachel and myself, taught us earlier this year that how you market yourself matters more than what you’ve got to show. Not to say that you don’t need good work; that’s obviously important. But when you think of how many resumes and generic emails a CD receives in a day, making yourself stand out is crucial.
  2. Branding yourself makes you more memorable. During every interview we went to, without fail, someone from the agency would walk in halfway through, and the interviewees would say, “these are the Ballsy Interns,” and the employees always knew who we were. “The Ballsy Interns” is how everyone remembered us. A brand name is easier to remember than a regular name (think about how many people a CD meets in a day). Heck, we don’t even know if Saatchi knows our real names!
  3. Do something crazy. No, seriously. It doesn’t mean you have to do something ballsy. It’s important to remember that this is the only time in our career in which we have the power to do whatever we want. Put crazy pieces in your portfolio and take a risk in an interview- you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Whew! A lengthy post, I know. I just had to get everything out before my balls turned blue.

  • Kendall Lloyd

    You ladies sure are ballsey and have really inspired me (1st year advertising student @Mohawk College) to show the lengths I will reach to get an interview one day! Thanks for your post ladies. 

  • Leonardo Enrique Gonzalez

    you girls have serious cajones. You totally gave me awesome ideas for when I have to apply. Congrats girls!




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