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Wanted: Great Advertising Ideas. Yours Truly, Digital Media

Posted on March 28, 2012 and read 4,743 times

Wanted: Great Advertising Ideas. Yours Truly, Digital Media thumbnail

julia casale Wanted: Great Advertising Ideas. Yours Truly, Digital MediaJulia Casale
Chief Marketing Officer
Casale Media

Great advertising (the kind that gets noticed and acted on) calls for one essential ingredient…creativity. But for a medium dominated by algorithms, data, and mathematics, there is no question that we often lose sight of the power that a simple great idea can have on the potential of advertising to move people emotionally, and in the process, sway consideration and intent. Media planners and their clients have become so preoccupied with things like CTRs and attribution modeling that for now, the art of great advertising (digitally speaking) is being overshadowed by the science of media.

Online display specifically presents creatives with some tough challenges: the banner’s miniscule canvas – and corresponding budget – for one. So, what can a creative do to get over the hump and win the battle for mindshare amid the hyper-rational wonderland of intent segments, frequency capping and optimization?

As with any advertising medium, great results online need to be rooted in passion and creativity. Prior to the targeting, the optimizing, and the measuring, a legendary campaign begins with the inspiring. Admittedly, it’s a small thing: a spark in a person’s mind, initiated by the senses. But without that spark, there would be no brand fireworks at the Super Bowl!

Creating that spark, of course, is where the real challenge lies. For this, we need artists, designers, creative thinkers, copywriters…all working together in perfect harmony to yield that coveted organically derived output: the great idea.

One of the most powerful assets creatives have to work with online is interactivity, so make this your starting point. As an architect of the online banner, you’ll have to find ways to seduce your viewer’s brain cells and tug at their heartstrings. Make it a game, introduce some mystery, play on the unexpected, augment your story by letting them decide the ending, crack a joke, ask questions, provide utility, but remember to focus on them.

If it sounds like dating, that’s intentional. So on your next banner assignment, here is your checklist:

  • Keep your audience firmly in mind: gender, demographic, and any weird characteristic your client has decided to focus on, and talk to their right brain; you know, the intuitive one that is “led-by-feelings.”
  • Don’t feel constrained by the format size: it may be small to begin with, but today’s banners have the potential for endless special effects that will be rewarded with amazing response, client praise and industry glory.
  • Think of the millions that will be exposed to your work; this is a unique opportunity to provide them with a memorable experience?
  • Most of all have fun, otherwise what’s the point of being a creative?

Ready to get your digital creative on? Here’s your opportunity:

Our passionate belief in the simple power of a great idea led us to team up with industry partners IHAVEANIDEA and the Tomorrow Awards to launch a global creative competition, The Engagement Directive, in hopes of reigniting the creative community’s passion for digital display media. So, here’s your chance to give the standard banner a second chance and test your creative mettle in the process.

Our team of tech brainiacs developed an easy way to turn those small lackluster banners that everyone loathes into large, exciting art boards that can be packed full of amazing interactivity, video, sound and, of course, outstanding creativity. Our goal: make the banner fun to design and fun to experience, benefiting creatives, consumers and marketers in the process!

Check out a sample that we developed with McDonald’s Europe and its agency Fuel here for a taste of the possibilities, and if you’re up for the challenge, enter the competition at! You can choose from one of seven powerhouse brand briefs including Family Guy, Glee, Graffiti6, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Rocawear and World Weekly News.

Not only is this your chance to design boundary-breaking creative for great brands, but entering the contest gets you a chance at $15,000 in prizes, bragging rights and a prestigious Tomorrow Throwdown.

Follow us on Twitter (and track the conversation at #theED) and Facebook for contest updates, voting and more!




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